8 x 6 Waltons Green Extra Tall Polycarbonate Greenhouse



8 x 6 Waltons Green Extra Tall Polycarbonate Greenhouse - With FREE Base!

Show larger image 8 x 6 Evesham polycarb greenhouse (dressed for display only)
8 x 6 Polycarb greenhouse with free baseClose up of opening windowClose up of gutteringClose up of high eaves
Width (A):6' 5" (1.95m)
Depth (B):8' 2" (2.50m)
Eaves Height (C):4' 1" (1.25m)
Roof Height (D):7' 1" (2.16m)
Door Height (F):5' 7'' (1.70m)
Waltons 8 x 6 Extra Tall Polycarbonate Greenhouse Installation

Waltons Extra Tall Greenhouse Assembly Guide
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This 8’ x 6’ Walton’s Extra Tall Polycarbonate Greenhouse is the perfect addition to any garden. This practical and efficient greenhouse has a high quality aluminium frame which has been coated in an evergreen paint for an attractive finish. The aluminium frame of this greenhouse has been treated so it is strong and resistant to rust. The strong aluminium frame provides great support for the greenhouse glazing and sliding door. This greenhouse is glazed with polycarbonate glazing which is a great alternative to traditional glass glazing. Polycarbonate glazing is much stronger and safer than glass as it is less likely to break and is completely shatter proof. The Polycarbonate glazing is also more beneficial than glass providing protection from UV rays for plants. The 4mm thick twin polycarbonate walls also providing insulation and warmth perfect for growing all year round. This greenhouse features a new clip system allowing for easy assembly and removal of the polycarbonate panels. These are locked into the framework to prevent movement and have rubber seals to stop the wind getting in. The greenhouse also comes with guttering as standard so you can collect and reuse rain water during the hot, dry summer months.

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Aluminium Frame
Show larger image Aluminium Frame
The Aluminium Frame is a great material for the main structure as it is lightweight and strong. It is also resistant to rust.
Clip in Panels
Show larger image Clip in Panels
The Polycarbonate Glazing is fixed to the frame simply by using special clips. This provides a simple installation method whilst holding the Glazing firmly in place.
Integral Gutter
Show larger image Integral Gutter
This greenhouse utilises an external guttering system that easily helps to divert harmful water away from plants and allows for the easy collection of rainwater that can be used on your plants.
Show larger image FREE Base
A free steel base that has been galvanised to provides the greenhouse with a strong and durable base that needs no maintenance and provides a secure anchor for your greenhouse to sit on.
Green Powder Coat Finish
Show larger image Green Powder Coat Finish
The Aluminium Frame has been finished in an Evergreen powder coating, that is not only aesthetically pleasing but adds to rust preventing and the durability of the greenhouse.
Sliding Door
Show larger image Sliding Door
This greenhouse is equipped with and opening door that slides along the front end. It helps to maximise the space in and around the greenhouse itself.
Polycarbonate Panels
Show larger image Polycarbonate Panels
The greenhouse has been fitted with shatterproof and allotment approved Polycarbonate Glazing.
Extra Tall Eaves/Ridge Height
Show larger image Extra Tall Eaves/Ridge Height
This greenhouse is one of the tallest on the market as it provides the most generous height that helps even the tallest gardener to move comfortably in and around the greenhouse.
UV Treated
Show larger image UV Treated
The Polycarbonate Glazing is UV protection treated that ensures your plants will receive only the benefits of the sunlight and reduces the risk of any harmful rays reaching your plants.
Glazing Clip
Show larger image Glazing Clip
The Polycarbonate Glazing is clipped in to the frame, providing much needed support to house the glazing.
Opening Window
Show larger image Opening Window
The greenhouse comes with roof vents that open up to a maximum of 20cm, perfect for helping to regulate the internal temperature of the greenhouse.
Full Instructions and Assembly Kit
Show larger image Full Instructions and Assembly Kit
The Log Cabin is supplied with a comprehensive instruction manual and full assembly kit that makes construction as simple as possible. *Does not include tools.
Free Delivery
Show larger image Free Delivery
This garden building comes with FREE delivery to most UK postcodes. To find out if you're eligible for free delivery on this product please check here.
Product Reviews
Average Rating:  
  • 4 out of 5
from 8 review(s)
Not over-engineered!
With the caveats given below, this is a neat greenhouse just sturdy enough to do the job. The aluminium frame is of thinner gauge metal than more expensive models but when it is all screwed together only the frame around the door remains too flimsy. Given that I also got a base in the £290 price this is a good value product but don't imagine that you can lean on it too heavily. Caveats: 1. The two vertical struts of the door frame need to be of sturdier design or thicker gauge. 2. The window might not seal very well and the clips that hold it shut are primitive so you might have water dripping in until you have contrived something better. 3. Putting the plastic edges on the polycarbonate panels can be quite a hard task but at least they stay put when they are on!
Reviewed 14 June 2014 by , Ammanford
  • 4 out of 5
Polycarbonate greenhouse
Geeenhouse itself seems very good. Took nearly three days to build, including cementing the base down. Biggest complaint is in relation to the instructions provided, they're rubbish. However there is a video on you tube showing the build step by step which is great. Had 28 mile an hour winds yesterday and panels barely rippled. Not sure how it will fair in stronger winds though. On the plus side all the parts were labeled and there was sufficient flexible black beading, although could have done with a bit more black plastic edging, but managed with off cuts ok. A few pieces had small bends in them from transport but a quick use of pliers soon sorted them out. Overall, a good buy and time will tell how much of a good buy it was.
Reviewed 18 April 2014 by , Durham
  • 4 out of 5
8x6 extra tall polycarbonate greenhouse
Perfect for what i wanted,relatively easy to erect, great price,was a short piece of trim short but speedily sorted with after sale service.Would not hesitate to recommend this company.
Reviewed 15 April 2014 by , Horncastle
  • 5 out of 5
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