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Walton's extensive range of garden fence panels, has been specifically designed and selected for the UK market. Use our range selector below to easily navigate to the type of garden fencing that you require. Choose from: Waney Edge Lap Panel, Picket Fencing, Pressure Treated Panels, Closebord Fencing, Feather-Edge Panels, Vertical Hit and Miss panels, Horizontal Hit and Miss panels, Trellis, Fence posts and much more.

Traditional Fencing

Traditional fencing is the most common form of fencing in the UK and is an inexpensive way of adding style and privacy to your home. There are a variety of traditional fence panels that are suitable for front and rear gardens. The picket flat top and picket rounded top traditional fencing is available to buy in three to ten panel packs and creates a welcoming border to the front of your home. For a rear garden privacy is a main concern and the horizontal hit and miss traditional fencing as well as the lap garden traditional fencing are ideal options. Available in three to ten packs and with a height of six feet you can create a private yet attractive border through these traditional fencing options.

It is important to remember that you will always need one more fence posts than the number of traditional fencing panels that you buy.

Our traditional fencing has a ten year guarantee so you can be confident in the reliability of the fencing and there is a seven day delivery time so you can have your fencing in good time and delivered for FREE and hassle free to your door.

For more information on traditional fencing read our informative and detailed traditional fencing guide.

Decorative Fencing

Decorative fencing panels are the perfect option for creating an attractive border and adding a focal point to your garden. Decorative fencing can be utilised for front and rear gardens and adds privacy through welcoming designs and high standing fence panels. Our trellis fencing is perfect for front gardens or sectioning an area of a large garden while the pressure treated wavey chevron weave decorative fencing is a perfect attribute for your rear garden.

Decorative fencing allows you to incorporate privacy with an attractive style and feel that adds value and character to your garden. There are a range of decorative fencing patterns including wavey panels and tops, curved tops, trellis and weave fencing panels that can be bought in packs of three up to ten.

It is important to remember that you will need one more post than the number of fence panels you are buying.

Walton’s decorative fencing has FREE delivery and a fifteen year guarantee so you will be buying a reliable fence that is hassle free.

If you would like more information on decorative fencing then you can call 08444777500 and read our decorative fencing guide.

How to Put up a Fence in Soil/ Soft Ground in 6 Easy Steps

1. Remove all garden refuse including existing/ old fencing.

2. Dig a 2 and a half ft deep hole which is wide enough to accommodate concrete sealant easily all around. Ensure that the first hole will be in keeping with the rest of the post holes.

3. Place the post shoe into the hole and measure to ensure it is still correctly positioned. Use spirit level to ensure shoe is completely straight and fill with rubble taking care not to dislodge the shoe. Fill hole with cement over the rubble. Wait to set and place fence post.

4. Start to measure out the other fence post positions, dig holes, fix post shoes as above. Do this by placing the fence panel against the first post and marking the position of the other end on the ground. Ask a friend to help you.

5. Attach the first fence panel to the first fence post with the fence clips in even spaces. Ensure there is a clear gap underneath the fence so that it does not sit on the ground entirely (this can lead to wood rot.) And nail the clips to the post and then the panel.

6. Position the second post to the first fence panel with clips and repeat until you have completed the fencing row.

How to Put up a Fence on Concrete/ Hard Ground in 6 Easy Steps

1. Remove all garden refuse including existing/ old fencing.

2. Measure and mark on hard surface with chalk where your fence post bolts will go. Get a friend to help you with further fence post shoe measuring.

3. Use an electric drill to make holes in the concrete where your bolts will be placed.

4. Place bolts through post shoes into the ground and tighten in with a spanner.

5. Place fence posts into post shoes and attach first fence panel to first post with aid of evenly spaced fence clips. Attach fence post to fence panel ensuring there is a clear gap below the fence to avoid wood rot.

6. Complete row of fencing with the aid of a friend.

Fencing Guides

For more fencing information make sure you read our fencing guide, traditional fencing guide and decorative fencing guide.

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