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Metal Sheds from Waltons

We stock a wide range of high quality, easy to build and secure Metal Sheds. Our extensive range provides you with a great choice so you can choose the right building for your needs, both home and garden. You don’t need to worry about rust! All of our metal buildings are made from quality materials which have been specially designed for use in these storage sheds. All the metal used is designed to withstand any rust and some are even coated with an extra layer of protective paint.

Steel and metal sheds are ideal if you’re looking for an easy to maintain garden storage space. These buildings need hardly any maintenance. They don’t need painting as the metal is rust resistant and will not rot like wood. These sheds also feature metal roofs and doors so you don’t have to worry about decorating roofing felt.

If you need to store animal feed or any other items which would attract rodents, this range is perfect and are much more rodent proof than wooden equivalents. These sheds are 100% rodent proof keeping anything you store safe. There is no way a rat or any other type of rodent could bite or chew through any of the panels.

Most of our buildings also have an anchor option; a metal anchor helps you secure the shed to the base you have built; providing extra protection against strong winds and weather. Find out more about bases for metal sheds here.

Our metal storage sheds are the ultimate option if you want to protect items against theft. These buildings are easy to secure and are much harder to break into than their wooden counterparts. All the metal buildings in our range do not have windows; this helps keep anything you do store out of sight; especially important if you want to store valuable items. If you decide to secure your storage space with an anchor kit you are also adding extra protection. Storing high priced items like road bicycles or motorbikes in a metal shed could also help reduce insurance premiums.

Most of these metal sheds come with an anchoring kit. If you’re unsure of how to anchor a metal shed, our guide can help you.

Metal Shed Construction

These buildings do not have a floor; they are designed to sit on a solid base like concrete. If you need help constructing the right base take a look at this ‘Build a Base Guide’.

Free UK Delivery on Metal Sheds

We deliver to the majority of the UK for free! You can check your delivery options on every product page. Above the ‘Buy’ button there is a postcode checker. Simply enter your postcode in the box and click to see when we can deliver to you. If you need more information about our delivery serviced check our Delivery Charges Page. All our metal sheds also come with a 10 Year Anti Rust Guarantee!

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