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10 x 8 Waltons Windowless Tongue and Groove Apex Wooden Shed

10 x 8 Waltons Windowless Tongue and Groove Apex Wooden Shed

10' x 8' Walton's Select Tongue & Groove Apex Shed with No Windows for extra security. This shed has double doors.
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inc vat

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Imperial Size :

10 x 8

Metric Size:

3.0m x 2.4m

Cladding Style:
? 28

Tongue & Groove

Roof Type:
? 71

Apex Roof

Garages and Workshops

More and more people are now driving cars and the cost of owning one continues to rise. If you’re lucky enough to have a Garage you can sometimes reduce your insurance premium. This is because it is a safer place to store a vehicle; it is protected from weather, prying eyes and possible theft. Cars parked on public streets can also be subject to lots of damage so storing it away, somewhere private can help.

Adding a storage building to your home can be expensive; planning permission is also often needed. We stock a range of Wooden Garages which are easy to build and most don’t require any sort of planning permission either.

A Car Port can also be a great alternative and we stock a wide range of these buildings. A port is like a full building but usually has no sides. The roof area provides protection for the car and also helps keep it out of sight. This is a great alternative because it is easier to build and also doesn't completely block your home too.

Workshops are perfect if you’re looking to expand your hobby! Having a hobby is the perfect way to learn more, have fun and stop relying on the television for entertainment. Our range of larger buildings would be perfect for almost any hobby. Why not add an outdoor gym to your home?! Woodwork is another popular activity here in the UK, it can be very messy so doing it in an outdoor building will help stop the mess and provide you with a quiet place to work. If you have lots to store these types of large spaces can be ideal; sporting equipment or fishing equipment would easily fit inside a large space.

All our buildings are made from slow grown, quality pine timber. This timber has been grown over a very long period of time; this makes it very dense, strong and supremely durable. All our buildings come with a 10 Year Anti-Rot Guarantee! All you have to do is ensure you paint it once a year with high quality wooden treatment paint. Our sheds are easy to build and come supplied with roofing felt. We provide FREE UK Delivery to most postcodes. 

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