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How to Felt a Shed Roof Print Page Bookmark Page

Felting the roof of your shed is the last stage of construction. Attaching the roofing felt correctly is very important as the felt will help protect your shed from wind, rain and snow. We supply rolls of roofing felt with all our buildings and the amount you receive depends on the size of your building.

Before starting always ensure you have the correct amount of roofing felt for your building. Most of the time you will be supplied with a surplus of roofing felt; this is because you will need to overlap the felt to ensure your roof is waterproofed.

  1. Firstly measure the total area of your shed roof. Write this down and keep it in mind when checking the amount of felt you have. If you haven’t received enough roofing felt please call or e-mail our customer service team; they will ensure replacement felt is sent out to you.
  2. Then check the roof of your shed; look for any nails or debris. Nails or debris could damage the roofing felt when you are trying to attach it.
  3. Always make sure the boards of the roof are completely dry before attaching the felt. Roofing felt should NOT be applied on to a wet or damp roof.
  4. Start from the bottom end of the roof. Gradually roll the felt length ways across the roof. Remember to leave an overhang of felt on the bottom edge of your roof. The felt should overhand the bottom edge of the roof by ¾ of an inch. This will help water drip away from your shed.
  5. Nail the roofing felt to one end of the roof; then hold it tight against the roof and roll the felt to the front end of the shed. Then nail in place. Your shed then nail the rest of the felt at 12 inch intervals. The felt needs to be tacked with nails at the top and bottom of the strip. Make sure you hammer nails in flush so you do no damage the felt surface.
  6. The next piece of roofing felt then needs to overhang the first piece of roofing felt by 4 inches. Lay the felt in the same way, attach and one end and then the other. Then nail across the length of the felt and repeat.
  7. The top ridge of your shed will need to be covered with one layer of overlapped felt. This will make the shed waterproof. Make sure you have enough felt to do this.

We have put together a video which you can watch below. This video has full instructions and shows you how to felt a Walton’s Shed Roof with felt. If you need any more advice please contact our experienced customer service team on 0800 0142 333.