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Log cabins or summerhouses? Print Page Bookmark Page

Log cabins and summerhouses share many of the same features and qualities. They both make add extra space to your home and make great design features in the garden.

The first point to consider is what function you want the room to have? Many people use log cabins and summerhouses as garden offices. They allow you to work from home but still separate your home and work life. Log cabins and summerhouses are also used as entertainment rooms, to watch films in or they make an excellent video games room for teenagers. When considering either of these options, security is one of the biggest concerns. Office equipment and home cinema systems do not come cheap and you don't want them to be vulnerable in your back garden. Log cabins are usually better in this situation because the construction technique used thicker tongue and groove panelling, but many summerhouse use tongue and groove systems that are also very secure. Tongue and groove cladding also makes the interior of a building warmer, this is an important factor to consider if you want to use your garden building all year round.

Log cabins and summer houses also make very good home gyms. Home gyms can take up a lot of room in the house so having one in the garden saves space in your home. Choosing a corner summerhouse or log cabin is a great way to save space in your garden without compromising on any interior space. If you only have a few pieces of equipment a summerhouse would be a good option they are available in smaller sizes but if you want to equip your gym with larger pieces of equipment then a log cabin would probably offer a larger interior.

Security needs to be considered when building a garden home gym; most log cabins and summerhouses come with pre-fitted locks but always make sure any windows are also secured. Garden building alarms are specially designed to be used on wooden garden buildings and a small investment can save you money in the future.

After you have considered what you want to use your garden building for, you can then think about the style of building that you want. Summerhouses are available in many styles, ranging from the very traditional to the ultra modern. Log cabins also come in a range of styles but many do look fairly traditional. Log cabins have chalet style connections, which make the building wind-proof. These connections are also a design feature and do look distinctive.

Both summerhouses and log cabins use a tongue and groove construction system, which makes both types of buildings sturdy and also keeps the building weather proof. Tongue and groove cladding leaves the buildings with a stylish and modern finish which fits in well with most gardens. Log cabins usually use tongue and groove to construct throughout the floor and roof, but summerhouses sometimes use solid sheet material depending on the price range you are in.

The main difference between a summerhouse and log cabin is the size. Summerhouses tend to come in smaller sizes and would fit comfortably in small to normal sized gardens. This is great if you want to maintain the rest of your garden like a lawn. Log cabins tend to be larger in size and are the perfect option if you want large space to entertain or a large garden office. Budget is also a factor when trying to decide between a log cabin and summerhouse. Size will be the main determining factor in pricing, and because log cabins are usually bigger than summerhouses, log cabins do usually cost more.

There is also a large range of summerhouses that combine a shed and a summerhouse. This can not only save you space in the garden but gives you a space to store garden items without having to purchase a separate building.

Both types of buildings are very similar in style and construction and it all really comes down to personal taste. Both building require similar installation and maintenance, but always remember the bigger a building, the more maintenance it needs. Always be sure you get a building that will be big enough in a few years time, a garden building is an investment so always plan for the future and consider buying a slightly large building to accommodate your lifestyle and garden in years to come.