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Why buy garden fencing and what are the benefits? Print Page Bookmark Page

garden fencing

If you want to create the perfect garden to go with your home then it is vital your garden fencing is up to scratch. Garden fencing is used to create a boundary around our homes; it establishes where your home begins and ends. Planting a beautiful garden with flowers and plants is great but if your fencing is rotting behind the flower beds it can ruin the look. A new, stylish garden fence will make give your home and garden a great finish.

Before you start choosing fence panels for your garden there are a few important points to consider. Deciding what purpose you want your fencing to fulfil will help you make a more informed and correct choice. Security is often a high priority for most people when considering what type of fencing they want to add to their homes. Garden fence panels can help deter intruders and choosing the right panel can secure your garden.

Security fencing is normal very tall; this makes it hard to climb and also blocks the view of any intruder looking for valuables. By law in the UK fence panels have to be less than 6’ unless you have permission from your local planning office. 6’ is sufficiently tall enough to provide great security and many fence panels are available in this height.

Fence panels come in many different sizes and styles, choosing the right panel can dramatically change the way your garden looks. This is important if you want to create the illusion of more space or if you want to even out the dimensions of your garden. If you have a long, narrow garden you may want to make it look wider. To achieve this choose a fence panel with an internal trellis. Trellis is a diamond shaped lattice pattern, it opens up fencing and lets you see through an otherwise solid panel. Being able to see out is important for creating the illusion of a wider garden. Allowing light to flow through the fence panels also helps brighten a garden which may not receive the most light.

Full trellis fence panels are great for creating defined sections within a garden, for example marking out a veggie patch or protecting a flower bed. Trellis fence panels are a complete lattice design so they do not block any of the of the sunshine. The lattice design also makes this fence panel perfect for climbing plants. Plants can grow between the lattices to create a living fence panel.

Overlap fencing is still very popular in the UK due to its inexpensive price and simple look. Overlap fencing is made from overlapping pieces of timber which is nailed to create a rustic style fence panel. Overlap fencing is great if you are looking for a simple fence which will compliment most gardens choose overlap fencing.

If you want your home to have a great entrance then installing fencing in your front garden is important. Unlike your back garden, the front garden does not really benefit from tall fencing; you need a shorter height as you are welcoming guests. Picket fencing is often used in front garden because it has a smaller height and an open design, not block any views. Picket fencing also has a very traditional, country feel which is blends well with most styles of housing.

Garden fencing is important to any garden as it creates a clear boundary for your home. When you have guests it clearly shows them where your house begins. If you want to make the most of your garden then invest in quality fencing, it will give your garden a great finish and help make your garden stand out. So why not add new garden fencing to your garden, it will make your home more secure, stylish and safe.< /p>