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Waltons have sourced the best quality BBQ's around, from suppliers who are respected and offer great value. Choose from small charcoal barbecues, Gas BBq's, portable barbeues and foldable BBQ's. We also have models with procelain coated grills, stainless steel barbecues and more.

Waltons Barbecues

Within our range we have charcoal barbecues (BBQ), gas barbecues (BBQ), portable barbecues (BBQ) with many barbecue accessories such as BBQ aprons, BBQ covers, non electric coolers and electric coolers.

Charcoal Barbecues

Although gas barbecues are seen and deemed to be the more popular choice we understand that some people still prefer the good old charcoal grill. Within our range there are pedestal charcoal barbecue (BBQ) designs, kettle barbecues (BBQ), barrels and many more. Waltons also have portable charcoal barbecues (BBQ) which are ideal for camping and caravanning and have a foldable design. They also have a handle so can be transported on picnics simply and hassle free. Not only that they are lightweight so they take up a small amount of room.

Gas Barbecues

Gas barbecues are becoming increasingly popular and we are certain that there is a gas barbecue (BBQ) to suit everybody’s needs whether you are looking for an affordable simple design, portable BBQ for camping or the ultimate barbecue. Like the charcoal barbecues there are many designs ranging from a hold and carry that weighs only 7.5kg up to the pro connoisseur pro 7 burner stainless steel barbecue. Waltons gas barbecues have up to seven burners so you can cook for the whole family.

Portable Barbecues

Portable barbecues are simple and effective, they are ideal if you are a keen camper or caravanner as they take up minimal space and are also lightweight. Even if you are not a keen camper they are perfect for taking to a park and there are gas and charcoal options so you don’t have to transport a large gas bottle. The heavenchef I Grill range offer perfect portable barbecue companions and offer an affordable price tag starting from £54.99.

Barbecue Delivery

Our barbecues are delivered from 2 working days up to ten working days. Waltons range of portable barbecues are generally sent within two working days whilst our largest barbecue (BBQ) options such as the pro connoisseur can take up to ten.

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