6 x 6 Vitavia Venus 3800 Silver Apex Greenhouse


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6 x 6 Vitavia Venus 3800 Silver Apex Greenhouse

This 6' x 6' Greenhouse is perfect for a novice or experienced gardener. It features an anodized aluminum frame and a sliding single door. This greenhouse is very wide, providing you with a lot of space to cultivate plants or vegetables.

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  • * This is an image of a Silver Venus 3800 Greenhouse with Glass Glazing.
  • 6 x 6 Vitavia Venus 3800 Silver Apex Greenhouse
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Garden Building Dimensions

Sizes are approximate only and refer to external dimensions excluding roof overhangs. For specific dimentions please consult our technical department.

Choose Units:
Roof Height (D):1.92m
Colour Framing:Silver
Aluminium Framing:Yes
Width (A):6' 4"
Depth (B):6' 4"
Eaves Height (C):4' 0"
Roof Height (D):6' 4"
Imperial Size :6x6
Metric Size:1.8x1.8
Imperial Size :6x6
Width (A):1.95m
Depth (B):1.95m
Eaves Height (C):1.22m

This 6' x 6' Vitavia Silver Venus 3800 with Glass Glazing is a high quality building perfect for cultivating plants and vegetables. This greenhouse has high eaves which provide you with extra room to work and is tall enough for many varieties of plants. The wide base of this greenhouse also provides plently of room to work in and keep many plants. This greenhouse comes with integral guttering as standard so your building is protected against heavy rainfall. This building can have up to two roof vents

The frame of this greenhouse is silver and is made from anodised aluminium. Anodised aluminium has been specially treated so it is stronger and more resistant to corrosion than normal aluminium. This high quality frame is very strong and will ensure this building is part of your garden for many more years to come. This greenhouse is available with three types of glazing; 3mm Horticultural Glass, 3mm Toughened Glass or 4mm Polycarbonate Glazing.

  • Traditional 3mm Horticultural Glass is the traditional, clear glazing option. The precisely cut glass fits easily into this greenhouse.


  • Toughened glass is a stronger and safer glazing option. The toughened glass is completely clear and designed not to shatter. Toughened glass breaks into small pieces so it is much safer, this glazing is recommended for busy gardens.


  • Polycarbonate is a plastic glazing alternative, it is designed to be safe, strong and beneficial to plants. Polycarbonate protects plants against harmful UV rays and also helps maintain a more regular temperature inside the greenhouse.


Simple choose the best glazing option to suit your needs from the option boxes above. So why not add this greenhouse to your garden this year and open your world of growing to a whole new stage.

This is a high quality greenhouse and is perfect for almost any garden.

There are a range of accessories available for this greenhouse, find them in the options box further up the page.

Please Note: These greenhouses are for sheltered areas of the garden only. They should not be placed in areas susceptible to high winds.

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