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22 awesome pumpkin gardens

2nd October 2015

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22 gorgeously cute pumpkin fairy gardens

Check out this awesome twist on traditional carved pumpkins

It is that spooky time of year again, Halloween. We love seeing a well carved and creative Jekyll lantern however we wanted to find something different this year. On our search for the ultimate pumpkin creations we stumbled across these amazing mini gardens created inside a pumpkin. These are also known as Pumpkin Fairy Gardens.

Here are some of our favourite examples of Pumpkin Fairy Gardens from across the web. Enjoy!

The Witches House


Image Credit HGTV

Spooky Graveyard


Image Credit - Pinterest

Fairy House


Image Credit

Story Garden



Image Credit

Grandad's Allotment

Image Credit

Afternoon Tea Garden

Image Credit

Elf Cottage

Image Credit

Pixie Hut

Image Credit

Double Trouble

Image Credit

Blood Hounds

Haunted House

Image Credit

Three Witches

Image Credit


Image Credit

Haunted Hollow

Image Credit

The Pumpkin House

Image Credit

Fairy Kingdom

Image Credit

Autumn Cottage

Image Credit

The Hut

Image Credit

Surfers Retreat


Image Credit

We hope that you have been as inspired as us by these awesome Pumpkin Fairy Gardens. What crafty things will you be doing for Halloween? Tell us about your projects in the comments section below!

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