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9 buys to give your garden shed a festive makeover

25 November 2015

If your garden building is looking a little sad, why not cheer it up with a festive makeover inside and out!

1. Christmas ribbon

Ribbon is one of the best Christmas buys and can transform pretty much anything in a matter of seconds. Big red ribbon and burlap ribbon can be added to candles, plant pots and even window boxes to add a dash of Christmas instantly.

2. Mini Tree

No festive themed room would look right without a Christmas tree. If you are short on space, try a mini tree with lights and built in decorations.


3. Fairy Lights

Outdoor battery fairy lights will make your garden building sparkle. Use them inside and outside just remember to buy outdoor suitable ones.

4. Checked Blankets

A checked or tweed blanket is ideal for adding festive charm to a room, not to mention they are super cosy. A checked or tweed blanket will never go out of fashion either so you can use it year on year.

5. Festive Candles

Candles instantly change a room and the light flicker of a candle makes a large room seem romantic and cosy. Choose some festive scented candles such as cinnamon, vanilla and even Christmas tree pine.

6. Christmas wreath

Adding a Christmas wreath to the door of your shed will give it a festive look in minutes. These can be bought from garden centres or even try and make one yourself.


7. Festive Cushions

Christmas cushions are a must, they will make your room nice and comfy and cosy. You can get them out every year to make the most out of them.

8. Christmas Sign

We love a good Christmas quote and they make great wall art. You can buy one or make your own with canvas, paint and some stencils.

9. Christmas bird seed ornaments

This is another one for outside of your shed or garden building, bird feeders in festive shapes. You can buy these or make them with cookie cutters and a mixture of seeds, suet and lard.

These items could be bought for any garden shed, summerhouse or log cabin to give it a lovely Christmassy makeover for the festive season.

Will you be giving your garden building a Christmas makeover? Comment below or share your projects with us via our social channels using the hashtag #MyWaltons


Image source: Matthew Brown


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