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Log cabins now fitted with safety glass

15 January 2016

Our log cabins are now fitted with toughened glass


With the growing trend of garden buildings being used for home offices, gyms or hobby spaces we saw a need for our range of Log Cabins to be fitted with quality toughened glass.

Any log cabin ordered from the 15th January 2016 will come with toughened glass. The toughened glass will withstand the more frequent use that a log cabin gets and means that the buildings have a higher quality finish. 

Our glazing conforms to all BS EN 12600 standards, offering strong thermally toughened safety glass with an increased resistance to mechanical and thermal stress. However it can break under extreme loads or by severe impact. When broken the toughened glass shatters into small, blunt-edged fragments, which can reduce the risk to personal injury.

The glazing also conforms to all BS EN 1279 standards, offering quality sealed units providing energy savings, sound reduction and clear vision.

We are currently one of the only garden building retailers in the market to start using toughened glass as standard in all of its log cabins. 

Here we explain what toughened glass is and the benefits that it will have for our customers.

What is toughened glass?

Toughened glass is a type of safety glass similar to the glass used in a car windscreen. The toughened glass has been produced with chemical or heat treatments to increase its strength. If it shatters it doesn't splinter like regular glass, it simply breaks into small chunks. The granulated shattering is what makes it safer.



How does it benefit me?

Adding toughened glass to a log cabin increases the overall quality of the building as well as the safety. It also means that it meets certain European Building Regulations so if you want to use the building all year round and you need planning permission, you won't have to change any part of the building structure.

How will I know if a product has toughened glass?

You will know if the product has toughened glass by the watermark on the product image.

What about other buildings such as garden sheds or summerhouses?

Our garden sheds, playhouses and summerhouses are fit with shatter-proof styrene glazing. Styrene is a type of plastic designed for outdoor buildings and is more economical, safer and environmentally friendly than glass. Using styrene glazing keeps the cost down of the buildings to suit the budgets of our customers.

For more information about the toughened glass or our log cabin range please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us on  01636 821215 or via email on

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