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How to turn your shed into a man-cave

0th July 2017

How would you like to turn your garden shed into the man-cave of your dreams? Our guide to creating a bespoke man cave for you and the lads, will show you how.

Covering everything from damp proofing and insulation to great lighting and heating solutions, and more, our comprehensive guide explains exactly how to turn your shed into a warm, comfortable space for gaming, movies, a hobby workshop, or even your own bar. And best of all it's totally free to download and share.

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Man cave shed conversion guide:

  1. Start planning your man cave conversion. Make two lists: one detailing what you’ll Use the shed for, and another detailing what your Requirements for those uses are.
  2. Plan your man cave’s size and layout, according to your Requirements list, available space and budget.
  3. Thoroughly check your existing shed and chosen site to assess its condition, making any necessary repairs.
  4. Make a comprehensive job list. Include the days on which each task will be achieved, and who will be doing each one (e.g. you, your mates, or a professional).
  5. Start converting your shed by damp- proofing it.
  6. Insulate the structure, then cover the walls with ply, plasterboard or tongue and groove.
  7. Install electricity (using mains, solar, or wind power). You’ll need a professional for this job.
  8. Fit your man cave with your choice of lighting (halogen, LED, fluorescent, lamps, or novelty lights).
  9. Install the heating choosing from wood stoves, tube heaters, underfloor, portable radiators, or convection heaters.
  10. Connect your man cave to the internet through tethering, WiFi or powerline adapters.
  11. Run water to the shed if required, using either new mains pipes or a water butt.
  12. Install and properly plumb in the bathroom, if you’re having one. A professional plumber should do this work.
  13. Ensure your shed and contents are properly secured with proper locks and solid door frames.
  14. Move your chosen storage solutions into the shed, along with your man cave gear.
  15. Decorate to your own taste.

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Download the guide now, and make your man cave dream a reality.

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