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Waltons' ultimate guide to buying a log cabin

1st January 2018

When you buy a log cabin, it’s vital to know you’re getting the best building for your requirements.

To help you consider all the aspects of buying a log cabin, here’s our free, ultimate buying guide, which gives you all the information you need, regardless of where you choose to buy your cabin.

Here’s a preview of what’s in the guide - but to get all the info, download the guide and give it a read through.

Waltons ultimate guide to buying a log cabin

  1. How to choose a log cabin

A look at different types of cabins, as well as questions you need to ask yourself about how you’ll use the cabin, what size and layout you require, and where to site your cabin

  1. Getting the details right

Which is the right base to use? And what are the best materials to choose? Here’s the place to think about doors, floors, roofs and windows, as well as whether you’ll need to install utilities.

  1. Log cabin care

From assembly to security, we’ll help you keep your log cabin and contents in top shape.

Waltons ultimate guide to buying a log cabin

Download the free guide now, and you’ll have all the information you need to help you choose your ideal log cabin. And if you’re still looking for assistance, just call our friendly team on 0800 029 1000. They’ll be happy to help.


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