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Waltons' ultimate guide to buying a shed

8th July 2017

When you're buying a shed, how do you know you're getting the best building for your needs? There’s lots to consider, so to help you choose, we've put together the ultimate shed buying guide. Regardless of where you get your shed, it’s vital to have all the information to hand. Download our free pdf guide to ensure you make the right decision.

Before you get started, here's a quick preview of what's in the guide, a brief rundown of the things you need to think about before you decide which shed to buy. To find out more check out our new guide in all its full-colour glory!

Waltons ultimate guide to buying a shed

  1. Purpose: What will you use your shed for?
  2. Whether it’s a simple 8x6 foot overlap or a top-of-the-range insulated garden room you’re looking for, our guide will help you make the perfect choice.
  3. Contents: What will go in your shed?
  4. If you're storing a few bits of gardening gear, a simple shed will do the trick. But for heavier items like machinery, large furniture, pool tables and motorbikes, you'll need something more solid. Our guide sets out your options.
  5. Plan layout and size
  6. Make sure the shed you choose suits your requirements, by testing your planned layout before you buy. Take a look at the different tools available to help you preview how your shed will work for you.
  7. Type of shed
  8. With so many different sheds to choose from it's important to be clear about what you're looking for. Check out our visual reminder and get your terminology right.
  9. Material
  10. Wood, metal or plastic? We lay out the pros and cons of each, so you’ll make the right choice to suit your needs.
  11. Cladding
  12. Overlap is an affordable cladding material that’s ideal for a budget shed. A log cabin’s interlocking beams add strength and security, and help keep the weather out. Our guide looks at all your cladding options and provides you with all you need to choose properly.
  13. Roof type
  14. An apex roof gives your shed a traditional look. That’s far from your only option, though. Want a modern flat pent roof, or a contemporary curve? Our guide shows you what's available.
  15. Roof covering
  16. Should you choose standard roof felt, or would durable EPDM be a better solution? Check out your options in the guide.
  17. Windows
  18. Shatterproof styrene windows usually fitted as standard are a safe option for playhouses and allotment sheds. Log cabins come with glass single glazing as standard, and there’s often the option to upgrade to double glazing. Insulated garden rooms are double glazed as standard.
  19. Doors
  20. Standard ledge or Z-frame doors are ideal for sheds, but you might also like to consider double doors to help you get larger items in and out, or classy. If security is your priority, framed doors are a better option. Take a look at the full guide to find out more.
  21. Security
  22. Keeping valuables in your garden building? Make sure you've got the best security. Our handy pdf shows you the range of security products on offer, and shares some great ideas to help keep your treasured possessions safe.
  23. Frame
  24. Your shed's frame is its skeleton. We help you choose a shed that’s got the best frame for your needs.
  25. Floor
  26. Consider from different strength and durability options to make sure you choose a floor that's right for your building.
  27. Base
  28. Buying the right base is a vital part of your selection process. Read our guide, and decide which is the best base for the shed you want.

Waltons ultimate guide to buying a shed

Download the guide now and get all the info you need to choose your perfect shed. And don’t forget, if you need any more information, our friendly sales experts are here to help. Just give them a call on 0800 029 1000.


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