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Waltons ultimate guide to buying a playhouse

7th March 2018

There are loads of benefits to buying a playhouse. Your kids will get more exercise and fresh air from playing outside, a separate building (even a small one) away from your main house will help free their imaginations, and you get some peace and quiet while they're busy in the garden.

But there's plenty to consider when you make your purchase, so we've produced the ultimate guide to buying a playhouse.

Choosing the right playhouse involves looking at a few different things. There's a quick preview here, but download the full guide to make sure you've covered all your bases before you make that purchase.

Waltons ultimate guide to buying a playhouse

  1. Materials:
  2. Is plastic or wood the best material for your playhouse? Each has its merits, but which is the best overall for you?
  3. Design features:
  4. Are you looking for a one or two storey playhouse? Whichever it is, what style do you want? Our guide shows you options to consider.
  5. Additions:
  6. Do your children want a playhouse with a slide? A veranda? Perhaps even an adjoining swing! Consider your options - we'll help.
  7. Safety features
  8. Safety is a vital aspect to consider. All Waltons playhouses are made to comply with European Toy Safety Standards EN71 for ages 36 months+

    Waltons ultimate guide to buying a playhouse

    Download the ultimate playhouse buying guide now, and get all the info you need to help you choose the best playhouse for your family.


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