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27 Dogs that have nailed Halloween

27 Dogs that have nailed Halloween

27 dogs that have nailed illustrated halloween banner

27 Dogs that have nailed Halloween

These dogs have Halloween covered!

It's Halloween coming up soon and we thought that we would show you some of our favourite dogs dressed up in silly outfits that we have found across the wonderful web.

Warning! These dogs are both hilarious and cute all rolled into one.

Princess and Pumpkin

dogs dressed as a princess and a pumpkin


Trick or Treat!

Batman and Robin

dogs dressed as Batman and Robin

I don't think the Joker would attempt to cross these two.

Lord of the Pugs

pugs dressed up as lord of the rings characters

Why is everyone laughing at us?

Captain Jack Sparrow

dog dressed as Captain Jack Sparrow

This is the day that you almost caught ... the cutest dog in the world!


dog dressed up as a minion

Really? Again!

Harry Potter and the Three Headed Dog

I love my human, I love my human ... I hate this!


Not this again. Human I will never be a dragon get over it.

Captain America

I'm not sure I should be allowed out like this.

Loki and Thor

We are gods!


Spider Dog, Spider Dog, Spider does whatever a spider can ...

Batman, Superman and Wonder Women

We will protect our little human no matter what the cost

Luke Skywalker and Princess Lea

True Love always wins!

Princess Elsa and Olaf

Ewwww he's licking me!


Well this is not what I had planned for today.

Snow White

Is it bad that I actually like her?

Wizard of Oz

She dressed us up like Wizard of Oz again didn't she?

Now here are a few awesome costumes from our favourite TV Shows

Jesse and Walter White

Yo dude you don't wanna mess with us

Orange is the new black

Human where are we going?

Game of .. Bones

These gorgeous dogs were dressed up by their owners Samantha Watt, Cynthia Martin and Dorothy Barnard of Dallas, Texas. Watt, Martin and Barnard created the costumes and set by hand.

Sausage Giraffe


M and M's

Where are those treats at?


Do I look cute enough yet?

Mexican Frenchie

dog dressed up as a mexican


pug dressed as a unicorn

If I knew that this was why you called me over, I would have stayed in bed!

Happy Halloween!

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