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Apocalypse Plants

Apocalypse Plants

Apocalypse Plants

House plants that will survive even the most consistent plant killer

Are you someone who can't seem to keep plants alive? You're probably going for the wrong type of plant.

We've put together this guide and handy info graphic on how to care for a variety of indestructible indoor plants that are so easy to care for, that even the more red-thumbed among us can't destroy them.


How to care for your house plants

Now that you know what house plants to choose to brighten up your home. Here is some simple instructions on how to best care for them.

House plant starter kit

The best way to green-thumbed success is to start with the correct kit. Garden centers are great for sourcing the necessary items and they are filled with staff who can give you a hand if you get stuck.

Spider Plant

The Spider Plant is a resilient and tough houseplant which can tolerate neglect from most beginner gardeners.

The care of spider plants is very easy; keep them on a windowsill where they will have access to some light and only water when the soil is dry. Other than the occasional feeding throughout the summer and a trim to remove dead leaves and tips, these plants are happy to be at the bottom of your attention list.

Snake plant

Snake plants are very easy to maintain and can be neglected for weeks at a time whilst still looking healthy. Their beautiful bright green and yellow leaves look fantastic on any window ledge.

Caring for these plants is straightforward, don’t water them too much and always let the water drain out.

Purple Shamrock

This cute flowering house plant may look delicate however it is one of the most resilient house plants out there, mainly because it can revive itself from the dead!

The purple shamrock is easy to care you just have to feed it every couple of weeks during the summer and cut back leaves to promote flower growth. Other than that water when the soil is dry and keep it in relatively direct sunlight.


Dracaena is a great low maintenance plant that will survive in low light and low humidity and it will forgive the occasional missed watering.

Like most house plants, don’t over water the Draceaena and feed monthly in the summer. All you have to do to keep this plant happy is remove any dust collecting on the leaves (never polish) and keep somewhere it won’t be exposed to too much sun.

Peace Lilly

A Peace Lily is a beautiful addition to a home and is low maintenance when put in the right light. It is also known for its air cleaning properties.

This plant is a great house plant and is relatively easier to care and if you have kept any of the above plants alive before then this beautiful should be no problem. Keep your peace lily, close to, but not directly under a window, water once a week and mist with spray bottle every few days.

Aloe Vera

Aloe is not only known for its numerous medicinal benefits, it is also an incredibly easy house plant to look after.

This amazing plant works very well in the house and is best kept out of direct sunlight. The only think that you have to do is keep your aloe in a cactus mix soil as it drains better than normal potting soil. Make sure that you let the soil dry out between watering, even in the summer. A healthy Aloe plant will grow upwards away from the base of the plant, if the leaves are flat then you need to move it to get more light.

Jade Plants

This quirky and succulent looking plant is low maintenance and looks great in a pot when paired with other succulent varieties.

Caring for Jade plants is that unlike majority of house plants, it needs as much direct sun as it can get and you mustn’t let the soil ever completely dry out. If you keep it well watered and only fertilise once every few months, then you will have a healthy little jade plant that might turn into a jade tree one day.

Rubber Tree

If you want to inject a major pop of greenery to a room, then an easy to grow rubber tree house plant may be for you.

Keep your rubber tree out of direct sunlight, make sure that the soil stays moist through the summer and give it a good spritz once a week with water.

Areca Palm

This pretty indoor house palm is a great if you want to add a tropical twist to your decor and of course it is very easy to maintain.

Much like the plants above to keep this fantastic plant alive, keep it somewhere near a window where it will get light but not direct, let the top soil dry out before watering and feed it once a month in the summer months.

These plants are just 9 of the best indestructible house plants that you can fill your home with. So even if you are a seasoned plant killer, these plants will have you feeling like a pro in no time.

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