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The Best of 2021's Garden Buildings

The Best of 2021's Garden Buildings

We love nothing more than seeing how our wonderful customers have made their Waltons garden buildings their own. And this year’s transformations have certainly not disappointed!

So, if you’re in need of some inspiration on how to transform your garden building, then take a look at these amazing customer stories that have been shared with us throughout the year. 

Clare’s Log Cabin

The Black Pug summerhouse turned into pub
Clare's created the perfect garden pub for entertaining

Opting for our 4x3 Pent Log Cabin, Clare has created the most sensational traditional British pub in her very own back garden. We are absolutely amazed by Clare’s impeccable attention to detail and have loved seeing how The Black Pug has transitioned throughout the seasons. You can read all about Clare’s story here and don’t forget to check out The Black Pug on Instagram.

@getplantinghort’s Greenhouse

Emerald green greenhouse with seed tray in front
By painting her growhouse a vivid emerald, Kirsty has really put the green in greenhouse!

We love how @getplantinghort's Kirsty has chosen to decorate her 4 x 6 Evesham Greenhouse. The richness of the dark green emphasises the traditional design aesthetic of the greenhouse superbly! Whilst also adding a drop of personality to Kirsty’s allotment. You can find out more about Kirsty’s allotment over on her Instagram.

Jan’s Summerhouse

Green summerhouse in a garden
Jan has created the perfect outdoor sanctuary with her Wessex summerhouse

Jan has created the ultimate idyllic garden retreat with her 10 x 8 Wessex Summerhouse. Nestled amongst the plant beds, it is the perfect spot to admire a hard day’s work in the garden. Doesn’t it look so peaceful?

Ian’s Playhouse

Wooden playhouse in woodland
Using a wooden playhouse, Ian has created a magical woodland hideaway for his grandddaughter

Hidden in the woods, the location of Ian’s granddaughter’s Snowdrop Playhouse is simply magical. We think it’s amazing that a setting can have such an impact on a building’s character. And what a stunning backdrop to inspire hours of imaginative play for any child, big or small!

Jane’s Summerhouse

Blue summerhouse named The Pleasant Pheasant
Jane has repurposed milk churns and turned them into rustic stools

Country pub chic is how Jane chose to transform her 10 x 8 Helios and doesn’t it look incredible? From beer mat adorned rafters to milk churn stools, Jane has covered all bases. The Pleasant Pheasant certainly looks the place to be on a sunny Saturday evening - or any evening for that matter!

@middle.of.the.terrace’s Summerhouse

Grey summerhouse with side shed
@middle.of.the.terrace has created a peaceful oasis in her garden using neutral shades

Speaking of chic, check out middle.of.the.terrace’s charming 12 x 8 Contemporary Summerhouse with Side Shed. Furnished with beautiful upcycled pieces by middle.of.the.terrace herself, this summerhouse is a haven for relaxation. Want to find out more about middle.of.the terrace’s summerhouse? Check out her Instagram!

Jenny’s Insulated Garden Room

Interior of decorated Insulated Garden Room
With large windows, Jenny's Insulated Garden Room is bathed in natural light throughout the day

Jenny has done an incredible job of styling her 5m x 3m Insulated Garden Room into a sanctuary of bohemian bliss. The earthy tones of Jenny’s soft furnishings and the contrast of the timber create an instantly calming atmosphere. We absolutely love it!

@our_house_is_home’s Playhouse

Grey playhouse surrounded by white picket fence
Using a white picket fence, Shirley has created a dedicated play space for her two boys

Using our Snug playhouse, @our_house_is_home's Shirley has created the most irresistible outdoor play area for her two boys. The white picket fence and the lovely personalised features, such as the house name, are the ideal finishing touches. Take a look at Shirley’s Instagram to discover more of her wonderful work!

@wild_sussex Greenhouse

Wooden greenhouse full of greenery
@wild_sussex's greenhouse is simply bursting with greenhouse

Take a look at the enchanting pathway that wild_sussex have created to their 6 x 6 Evesham Greenhouse. The pop of colour and luscious greens from the flowers form a beautiful frame that complements the greenhouse perfectly! Check out wild_sussex’s Instagram to keep updated on their greenhouse’s progress.

@empy52’s Summerhouse

Summerhouse surrounded by nature
@empy52 has created a serene sanctuary escape that looks amazing surrounded by nature

@empy52 shared this stunning shot of his 10 x 8 Helios with us over on his Instagram. We instantly adored his choice of decor inside and out. This simple contemporary take on the Helios produces a serene garden escape - especially in that gorgeous setting!

@beautybyannecy's Log Cabin

Interior of Beauty By Annecy beauty room
Annecy added stylish panelling to her log cabin turned beauty treatment room

Last but not least is this fabulous transformation from @beautybyannecy. Opting for our 3.3m x 3m Log Cabin, Annecy has created a sophisticated luxury hub for her beauty business. This has definitely been a project of passion for Annecy, and it’s safe to say it shows - just look at that interior! To see this gorgeous log cabin in action, check out Annecy’s Instagram.

Have you transformed your Waltons garden building? We would love to hear all about it over on our Instagram or Facebook page. Or you can drop your images over to us in an email at 

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