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Best log cabins 2020

Best log cabins 2020

What better way to transform your garden and add additional living accommodation than with a brand new log cabin? With a choice of 19mm, 28mm, 34mm or 44mm timber, a log cabin is the perfect place to enjoy the summer months or provide additional living accommodation for all-year-round use. If you want ideas to help you decorate your new garden building, take a look at what some of our creative customers have done with their log cabins...

Jackie’s log cabin

Log Cabin turned bar by Jackie T
A lot of love has transformed this log cabin into a cool entertainment zone.
Image: Jackie T

We love the way Jackie transformed this 4m x 3m log cabin into such a fantastic place to entertain friends and family. Housing a unique bar and a luxury hot tub, who needs to go out when you can have so much fun in your own back garden?

Sharon’s log cabin

Exterior image of Sharon's log cabin
Sharon's log cabin is beautifully decorated, inside and outside.
Image: Sharon S

Take a look at how Sharon has transformed her 4m x 2.5m Cypress log cabin! We love the trellis to the side of the log cabin, as well as the matching planters. The addition of rattan furniture makes this the ideal place to unwind during the summer months.

David’s log cabin

Elevated log cabin from David S
The ideal garden retreat.
Image: David S

A steep slope didn’t stop David from installing this impressive 4m x 3m Mahonia log cabin in his beautiful garden. He’s gone the extra mile to create a level, stable base for his new building, giving him the perfect vantage point from which to enjoy this tranquil green space.

Cantref Care Home’s care station

Elevated log cabin from David S
This log cabin was transformed into a care station to help residents connect with family.
Image: Cantref Care Home

Not being able to see loved ones during the long months of lockdown was especially difficult for care home residents. The team at Cantref Care Home found a way to tackle that problem. They transformed their new 3m x 2.5m log cabin into a ‘care station’, fitted with a clear plastic screen, so relatives could visit! Isn’t this such a lovely idea?

Cantref Care Home
This log cabin was specially adapted to allow family members to visit care home residents.
Image: Cantref Care Home

C Stanley’s log cabin

Decking leading to a log cabin
Clever use of decking makes this log cabin easily accessible in all weathers.
Image: C Stanley.

C Stanley shared images of her log cabin with us over on Twitter. Sitting beautifully on a wooden deck, her new 4m x 3m log cabin looks like it has always been there. What a great space to entertain family and friends and host summer barbecues. 

Kaw’s log cabin

Painted grey log cabin
Painted a fresh light grey, this log cabin is a bright focal point at the end of the garden.
Image: Kaw Z

Kaw shared his new 3.5m x 3m log cabin with us over on Facebook. Isn’t this gorgeous? We’re sure that many happy hours will be spent in here during the warm summer months to come! We especially love the wooden planters and the brackets just waiting for a couple of colourful hanging baskets.

Sophie’s log cabin

Painted grey log cabin
An immaculate paint job makes this log cabin a stylish focal feature.
Image: Sophie B

Sophie’s new 3.3m x 3m log cabin is simply wonderful. We really love the two-tone colour scheme she’s chosen, highlighting the window frames, door frames and fascia boards with a darker shade of grey. Comfortable rattan furniture makes the interior feel really cosy and inviting - just the spot to unwind with a cuppa!

Grey interior of a log cabin
Rain or shine, this log cabin is the perfect place to relax with a cup of tea
Image: Sophie B.

Beccy’s log cabin

Painted grey log cabin
Beccy's log cabin is simply gorgeous.
Image: lifebybeccy

Beccy shared her absolutely stunning 4m x 3m log cabin with us over on Instagram. Not only does it look great in her garden, we adore what she’s done with the cosy interior. The addition of soft furnishings, blankets and plants really helps to give it a modern, contemporary feel. You can see more of Beccy’s stylish log cabin over on her Instagram.

Interior of Beccy's log cabin
Beccy’s games room log cabin has a warm and cosy interior.
Image: lifebybeccy

bud_lordofthefloof’s log cabin

cosy lodge-like retreat log cabin interior
You’ll feel like the laird of the manor in this cosy lodge-like retreat.
Image: bud_lordofthefloofs

Now that’s what we call a luxurious 4m x 3 m log cabin! We absolutely adore the interior of bud_lordofthefloof’s mini lodge, which was shared with us over on Instagram. We’re sure Bud the cat and his humans will enjoy full use of this rustic addition to their estate! 

Dawn’s log cabin

dark wood log cabin stain
Dawn's new log cabin blends in perfectly with the rest of her garden.
Image source: Dawn S

We love how this dark wood stain allows Dawn’s new 4m x 3m Shore log cabin to blend in so naturally with the rest of her garden! This looks like the ideal garden retreat for those days when you need a bit of me-time. 

Simon’s log cabin

pale wood decking leading to log cabin
Custom decking beautifully complements this 3x3 corner log cabin from Waltons.
Image: simple540

Simon’s gone one step further with his new log cabin, and created a smart decking area to go with it! Our 3m x 3m Holly log cabin tucks neatly into an unused corner of this garden, and allows Simon to make the most of every inch of space. You can find out more about Simon’s log cabin over on his Instagram!

Rachel’s log cabin

closeup of a mini log cabin
Rachel has created the perfect garden getaway.
Image: Rachel K

Rachel has created a wonderful relaxing garden space with her new 3m x 2.5m log cabin. Isn’t this gorgeous? We love the brightly coloured furniture she’s chosen to decorate it with. It fits perfectly with the rest of her garden. 

Angela’s log cabin

closeup of a mini log cabin
Angela's newly painted log cabin has a light and spacious interior.
Image source: Angela B M

Angela’s done a wonderful job of transforming her new 4m x 3m log cabin. This looks like a fantastic place to relax after a spot of gardening, or somewhere to unwind after a long day at work.

interior of log cabin with l-shaped sofa
Angela's created the perfect cosy interior.
Image source: Angela B M

Guy’s log cabin

brand new log cabin from Waltons
Guy's got the perfect blank canvas with his new 4m x 3m log cabin.
Image source: guybutton

We can’t wait to see how Guy’s going to transform his new 4m x 3m log cabin! It’s the perfect blank canvas for a home office, gym, games room or quiet place to practise his violin. Watch this (Instagram) space to see what Guy has in mind for his bright and airy new space...

Have you transformed your Waltons log cabin? We’d love to hear all about it over on our Facebook page! You can also send any customer images via email to

Lead image: The Silver 5m x 3m Log Cabin from Waltons

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