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Best playhouses 2019

Best playhouses 2019

If there’s one thing we love here at Waltons, it’s seeing all the wonderful images that our customers share with us once their delightful garden buildings have been finished. We loved the ones that we’d seen so far this year so much, in fact, that we decided to share them all with you in this handy list!

Allen’s playhouse

Allen's princess tower
Allen has done a wonderful job of transforming his daughter's princess tower!
Image source: Allen R.

Allen shared his refurbished rocket tower with us via email. He completely transformed it into a princess tower for his daughter, as was pretty chuffed with the results. You can read even more about Allen’s princess tower playhouse in his customer story.

country_bricks' playhouse

country_bricks' playhouse
We love country_bricks' playhouse!
Image source: country_bricks on Instagram

This delightful Poppy playhouse was shared with us over on Instagram! country_bricks has done a wonderful job of decorating it, and we love the tasteful neutral tones that they’ve opted for. The addition of colourful plants really makes the playhouse pop!

Laura’s playhouse

Laura's Snug playhouse
We love Laura's new playhouse!
Image source: theprentwistles on Instagram.

Laura shared her wonderful striped Snug playhouse with us on Instagram. We absolutely love the care and attention that has gone into painting those stripes, and the garden decorations that Laura has opted to go with it really help to give it a homely feel. Those string lights in particular are a wonderful choice!

Eli’s playhouse

Eli's Snowdrop playhouse
We absolutely adore the colour scheme that Eli has opted for.
Image source: Eli.

The two-tone colour scheme that Eli has opted for gives her daughter’s Snowdrop playhouse a really grownup feel. The addition of the patio slabs and fencing make it look like a proper little home which we’re sure Eli’s daughter puts to good use! And how gorgeous are those window boxes?

Lindsey’s playhouse

Lindsey's Poppy playhouse
Lindsey's playhouse looks very sophisticated.
Image source: ourwhitehousenewbuild on Instagram.

Lindsey has done a wonderful job of transforming her new Poppy playhouse! Lindsey also shared this delightful playhouse with us on Instagram. We absolutely love the tasteful colour scheme that she’s used, and the simple decoration really works with her chosen style.

Lauren’s playhouse

Lauren's Snug playhouse
We love how Lauren has transformed her new Sung playhouse!
Image source: mrs_griff1 on Instagram.

We think that Lauren has done a fantastic job with her Snug playhouse. Lauren shared her new playhouse with us on Instagram too. The addition of a window box packed full of colourful flowers is eye-catching, and is the perfect decoration for such a delightful playhouse!

thepinkterrace's playhouse

thepinkterrace's Poppy playhouse
What a gorgeous playhouse!
Image source: thepinkterrace on Instragram.

What a gorgeous playhouse! thepinkterrace shared their new Poppy playhouse with us on Instagram, and we absolutely love it. The statement door in pink really stands out with the classy white colour scheme, and the simple decorations are the ideal finishing touches.

Gem’s playhouse

Gem's Snowdrop playhouse
Gem has done a fantastic job with her new Snowdrop playhouse.
Image source: lifeonhathersage on Instagram.

Gem has done a wonderful job with transforming her new Snowdrop playhouse! The finishing touches from the bunting to the flowerpot help to complete the overall effect. Gem shared several lovely photos of her new playhouse with us on Instagram, where you can see more of it.

Shirley’s playhouse

Shirley's Snug playhouse
Shirley has created the perfect play area with her new Snug playhouse!
Image source: our_house_is_home on Instagram.

Shirley has created the perfect place to play with her new Snug playhouse. Dedicating an entire area of her garden to her new playhouse will give her kids all the room they need to make the most of it as well as their imaginations! You can find out more about Shirley's playhouse on her Instagram.

Sophie’s playhouse

Sophie's rocket playhouse
What a fantastic rocket playhouse!
Image source: sophie_c1993 on Instagram.

We wonder where Sophie’s sons will be blasting off to in this rocket playhouse? Sophie has done a fantastic job of transforming their new rocket playhouse, ready for them to explore the galaxy. Take a look at Sophie's rocket playhouse over on Instagram!

Jess’ playhouse

Jess' Poppy playhouse
We absolutely love what Jess has done with her new Poppy playhouse!
Image source: petite.and.poppet on Instagram.

Last but not least, Jess shared this fantastic playhouse with us over on Instagram! There is so much that we love about Jess’ Poppy playhouse. From those adorable mushrooms, to its pretty surroundings, and even to the delightful fairy door perched on the porch!

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