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Best playhouses 2020

Best playhouses 2020

Nothing brightens our day more than seeing a lovely playhouse. Not sure how to decorate your Waltons playhouse? We’ve put together a wonderful list of our favourite Waltons playhouses that customers have shared with us so far this year to inspire you!

Stuart’s playhouse

Stuart's playhouse 1
A lovely transformation!
Image source: Stuart G.

We love how Stuart has transformed his new 5 x 5 Poppy playhouse! This lovely colour scheme really makes it pop in the corner of the garden. We’re sure this will be loved for many years to come.

Sofia’s playhouse

Sofia's playhouse 1
We absolutely adore the flower gardlands just under the fascia boards.
Image source: sofiapower87.

Take a look at Sofia’s lovely 4 x 4 Snug playhouse! We absolutely adore the addition of flower garlands just under the fascia boards - they really help to give it a fairy tale feel, and stand out against the pastel colours of the playhouse. Sofia shared her playhouse with us over on Instagram.

Melanie’s playhouse

Melanie's playhouse 1
A truly beautiful playhouse.
Image source: melaniekrefta.

Melanie’s new 5 x 5 Poppy playhouse is certainly well-loved already! The two-tone colour scheme is a classic choice, and really works well with the rest of Melanie’s garden. Melanie has done a wonderful job! You can find out more about it over on her Instagram.

David & Diane’s playhouse

David & Diane's playhouse 1
David & Diane opted for the 8 x 6 Bramble playhouse.
Image source: David & Diane P.

David and Diane have created the perfect place for little minds to escape to in the day. They’ve chosen a classic two-tone colour scheme for their 8 x 6 Bramble playhouse, which really catches the eye. We love what they’ve done with the flower boxes, too.

Vikki’s playhouse

Vikki's playhouse 1
We love how Vikki has transformed her 5 x 5 Poppy playhouse!
Image source: Vikki M.

Vikki has done a wonderful job of decorating her 5 x 5 Poppy playhouse. This colour scheme is absolutely gorgeous - not only has Vikki opted for some lovely neutral tones, but she’s chosen a fantastic blue shade to give the door more impact. We love the addition of the house numbers to make it feel like the playhouse is its own little home.

Sapna’s playhouse

Sapna's playhouse 1
We love how Sapna has transformed their new Snug tower.
Image source: Sapna D.

What an inviting playhouse! Sapna opted for our Snug tower with slide, and they’ve done a wonderful job of transforming it. These Easter decorations are adorable - Sapna’s new tower playhouse lends itself well to being decorated throughout the year, too.

Andy’s playhouse

Andy's playhouse 1
Such a vibrant colour scheme!
Image source: Andy C.

Check out how Andy has transformed his new 7 x 5 Snowdrop playhouse! Isn’t this marvellous? The combination of the blue and lemon yellow really make Andy’s playhouse pop; it fits right in with the rest of Andy’s garden.

Jo’s playhouse

Jo's playhouse 1
We love how Jo has adapted her Poppy tower!
Image source: Jo A.

Jo has done a wonderful job of transforming her new Poppy tower playhouse with slide! This looks like such an inviting place to play in the garden. We especially love the addition of those planters along the bannister, and that she’s adapted the tower playhouse so the slide sits at the front.

Jessie-May & Robert’s playhouse

Jessie-May & Robert's playhouse 1
Simply gorgeous.
Image source: Jessie-May & Robert P.

Jessie-May and Robert have put a lot of tender loving care into decorating their new 4 x 4 Snug playhouse. We love everything about this, from the flower garland, the colour scheme, to the little plant pots in front of it. Isn’t this gorgeous? You can see more of Jessie-May and Robert’s playhouse over on Twitter.

Jessie-May & Robert's playhouse 2
We love these plant pots!
Image source: Jessie-May & Robert P.

Jemma’s playhouse

Jemma's playhouse 1
What a fabulous tower playhouse!
Image source: Jemma G.

Jemma has done a wonderful job of transforming her Poppy tower playhouse with slide. We love the greenery she’s got growing at the base of the tower posts, as well as that colourful planter attached to the front of the playhouse!

natureplaydays’ playhouse

natureplaydays' playhouse 1
The perfect playful area for a playhouse!
Image source: natureplaydays.

Check out natureplaydays’ 7 x 5 Snowdrop that they shared with us over on Instagram! Isn’t this wonderful? The pastel colour scheme is perfect for their garden, and we love the cosy interior! That garden looks like the perfect place to play games during warm days.

Take a look at that inviting interior!
Image source: natureplaydays.

Have you treated your little ones to a Waltons playhouse this year? We’d love to hear all about it over on our Facebook page!

Lead image: Keith & Gail's Garage playhouse.

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