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Best sheds 2019

Best sheds 2019

Is a garden ever complete without a shed? We certainly don’t think so! So you can imagine how happy we were to see all of these lovely sheds which our customers shared with us over social media; take a look at our top picks so far from 2019.

Ellen’s shed

Ellen's shed
We love the bold colour scheme that Ellen opted for with her new shed.
Image source: ellenmarygardening on Instagram.

Ellen shared this fabulous shed with us on social media! She asked fans to guess what colour she'd opted for, and revealed it to be this lovely purple shade with contrasting yellow doors. Ellen opted for the 8 x 8 overlap apex shed.

Chris’ shed

Chris' shed
We love how Chris has decorated his new shed.
Image source: Chris C.

Chris shared his new shed with us via email. We love the colour he chose to match the fencing! Chris opted for the 6 x 4 reverse apex shed.

Jo’s shed

Jo's storage shed
Jo turned one of our storage sheds into a wardrobe for her sons.
Image source: Jo E.

Jo's sons didn't like the conventional wardrobes available. So Jo decided to spruce up one of our storage sheds into a space-themed wardrobe for their room instead! Jo opted for the 4 x 2 grande storage shed.

our_home_with_oscar’s shed

Oscar's shed
We love our_home_with_oscar's shed!
Image source: our_home_with_oscar on Instagram.

our_home_with_oscar shared their lovely new shed with us over on Instagram; they opted for the 4 x 6 double door shed. We think it’s the perfect embellishment for their garden!

Steph’s shed

Steph's shed
Steph has done a wonderful job with her new shed.
Image source: Steph at Renovation Bay-Bee.

Steph has done a fantastic job of transforming her new shed! You can read all about how Steph transformed her shed over on her blog, Renovation Bay-Bee. Steph opted for the 12 x 8 pent shed.

Katie’s shed

Katie's shed
We love Katie's new shed!
Image source: cotton_lily on Instagram.

Katie uses her new shed as the base of operations for her business, Cotton Lily. She shared it with us via her Instagram; Katie opted for the 10 x 6 overlap shed.

Stanley’s shed

Stanley's shed
Stanley has done a wonderful job with his new shed.
Image source: stanley_homeandgarden on Instagram.

Stanley shared his new shed with us over on Instagram. He opted for the tongue and groove upgrade on our 6 x 8 overlap shed!

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