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Bog Garden Tutorial

Bog Garden Tutorial
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If you want to make your garden more wildlife friendly think about creating a small bog garden. Native wildlife love a bog style environment; it is perfect for encouraging garden helping insects, birds, amphibians and much more!

A bog garden is a wet ground area; it is nutrient rich and perfect for growing water loving plants. You don’t have to turn your whole garden into a bog; just a small area can make a huge difference to your garden.

Bog gardens are different to a pond; pond plants like a low nutrient environment with lots of water while bog garden plants are almost the reverse.

Bog plants like nutrient rich soil and all the organic matter they can get. Choose native and natural plants like Marsh Marigolds, Lythrum and Epilobium. For a neater, more manicured bog garden choose plants like Primular Rosea or Primulas.

We’ve created an infographic to help you create the perfect bog garden! If you want to read more about bog gardens take a look at our free, online magazine ‘The Gardening Guide’.

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