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Chafer Beetle - Everything You Need to Know!

Chafer Beetle - Everything You Need to Know!

Noticed that your lawn is looking less than its best? Is it yellowish in colour no matter how much you water it? Are patches appearing on your lawn which looks like animals have been scratching and digging up turf?

Then my friends I am sorry to say you may have fallen victim to the fairly unknown, destructive Chafer Beetle and its grubs! team member Aaron recently discovered an infestation on his own lawn! During a routine, lawn aerating session he happened to notice a small, gross looking grub on the end of his pitchfork. Shocked and slightly grossed out Aaron looked closely at the white coloured grub; it looked like something from a Sci-Fi film.

Puzzled by this little grub Aaron immediately Googled “grubs in lawn” and was led to a page on the RHS website.The page had lots of information about these grubs and he soon identified his lawn infestation as Chafer Beetle Grubs. The young of Chafer Beetles love nothing more than to feast on your tasty grass roots; it will munch the roots of a lawn until its fat enough to survive the winter months. After a cold winter the grubs then dive deeper into your lawn during the warmer spring months. Think of it as a garden version of the film Tremors minus Kevin Bacon.

As Aaron read more about these hungry grubs he was horrified to see there are no off the self remedies or chemicals to battle the infestation. Panic set in until he noticed that there is a method of killing of these lawn destroying bugs...Nematodes!

Nematodes are tiny worms which you can apply to your lawn via a watering can. The worms dig into your soil, finds the Chafer Beetle grubs and infects them with a bacteria. The bacterium attacks the grubs and prevents them from turning into beetles and stops them laying any more eggs.

The Chafer Beetle Grub must be infected with Nematodes before the end of September, if not it’s too late! The grubs will be too large and too far into your soil to infect.

Check your lawn NOW to ensure you don’t fall foul of these hungry, lawn demolishing grubs!

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