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Customer story: Allen's playhouse

Customer story: Allen's playhouse

The only limit is your own imagination when it comes to decorating your playhouse. All of our garden buildings come unpainted so that you can choose a theme for yourself, and we love seeing how our customers transform them. We were delighted when Allen shared this wonderful 6 x 6 rocket playhouse which has been transformed into a princess tower!

Allen's 6 x 6 rocket playhouse
Allen has completely transformed his rocket playhouse into a princess tower for his daughter.


Why did you choose this particular playhouse?

We saw this on clearance with eBay which fell exactly within our budget and felt that a £700 playhouse on sale for £250 was worth a chance! 

Allen's 6 x 6 rocket playhouse
Take a look inside...

What extra work did you do to customise it?

We have painted the interior and exterior with Cuprinol garden paint, and attached some flower garlands which were approx £10 from eBay for the lot.

Allen's 6 x 6 rocket playhouse
Allen's daughter loves her new princess tower.

What inspiration did you have for decorating it?

We decided that this did not have to be a rocket and the shape could be similar to a princess tower. To be honest, I don't think we actually expected such good results ourselves!

Allen's 6 x 6 rocket playhouse
We're sure that Allen's daughter will use her new playhouse for lots of lovely things!

How will your daughter use it?

She very much enjoys having tea parties and is constantly in and out of it. She only just turned 2 in April so imagination play is only just beginning, but she gets so excited with her "Castle". 

Allen's 6 x 6 rocket playhouse
Imagination is the only limit in here.

What do you think of the finished product? Are you happy with the results?

We are absolutely delighted, as above we really didn't expect the results to be as good as they are and the quality of the playhouse itself is fantastic. We essentially bought it as a B Grade but I would have considered this as A grade, aside from 2 smudges from weathering which paint covered with no issues. 

Allen's 6 x 6 rocket playhouse
Allen has done a wonderful job of transforming this playhouse. We especially love the attention to detail!

We absolutely love how Allen has decorated his new playhouse. Have you got a Waltons garden building that you’ve transformed in your own garden? We’d love to hear all about it on our Facebook page!

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