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Customer story: Mark Harris' playhouse

Customer story: Mark Harris' playhouse

Choosing the right playhouse is an important decision. You want to make sure you’re getting the best value for money that you can, and that it’s something that your children are going to love to spend their time in.

Purchasing your playhouse is only the start - how should you decorate it and furnish it to suit your children’s needs? A customer here at Waltons, Mark Harris, shares his story of choosing the perfect playhouse for his daughter.

Mark’s family decided to transform the Honeypot Bramble Wooden Apex Playhouse.

Why did you want to buy a playhouse?

It’s our daughter's 2nd birthday in August, so we wanted to get her something that she’ll use for years to come, somewhere where she can play safely in the garden. Hopefully as she gets older and her friends come round they can all hang out there having sleepovers creating mischief, not in the house! With our second child on the way in November, we know it’s going to get some good use for the next 10-15 years at least!!

Hard at work

What made you choose a Waltons playhouse? 

We visited Northern France on holiday earlier this year and the place we stayed in had a playhouse very similar to the one we purchased. I spent a good couple of weeks researching the different types and costs. Waltons came out top of the spec of build and the cost of buying. Free delivery on a specified day was also a big plus. I wanted to get one with two floors so that she had more space to play in. It looks more like an actual house than a playhouse.

The results

Where did you get the inspiration for decorating your playhouse? 

The inspiration came from searching the internet and picking up ideas from the local garden centre. We changed the roof felt to the tiled roof felts to give it more of a house look compared to a shed look. We added things like the bird box on the front so that my daughter can learn about wildlife and hopefully see some young chicks hatch over the coming years.

Ideas like the weathervane, curtains made from a cheap duvet set bought online, old carpet taken from one of our bedrooms, and banister on the stairs came as we started thinking what else we could do! As the playhouse is at the bottom of our garden I decided to put mini guttering on one of the sides leading into a water butt round the back. Our daughter loves watering the pansies in the flower boxes.

Lastly, as the playhouse was on the lawn we decided to give it a little front garden of its own with a picket fence to finish it off nicely.

The finished product

What paint did you use?

We used the Cuprinol shed paint - Seagrass colour, it went on really well giving the whole playhouse two coats. The white paint was just an exterior white paint for wood.

A stylish new look

How will your daughter use her playhouse?

She'll play in it throughout the year, and we'll know that she’s safe in the garden. There’s loads to keep her busy! We’ve got a little table and chairs on the bottom floor for her to read books. We bought a chalk and whiteboard, screwing them to the wall for her to play with chalks and crayons. Upstairs we’ve got loads of cushions along with her little kitchen set to play with.

Big ideas start small

What does your daughter think of it? 

She’s only two so her sentences are a little gobbledygook at the moment!!

Comfy corner

Mark has created the perfect getaway for his daughter and her future little brother or sister to spend some time in, with lots of things to keep them occupied.

All this decorating makes for thirsty work!

If you’re thinking of getting a playhouse for your children, take a look at some of the options here are Waltons and see if any spark your imagination! Or if you’ve already got yourself a playhouse why not take a look at our inspiration guide for how to decorate it?

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