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Customise your playhouse for less than £50

Customise your playhouse for less than £50

We challenged four family bloggers to decorate identical 6x5ft Honeysuckle Wooden Playhouses from Waltons, keeping to a budget of less than £50. 

These clever ideas prove that you don’t need to spend a fortune to make over your children’s special hangout. One family had so much fun, their kids have decided to change the theme every other month! Check out these cost-effective ideas for customising a wooden playhouse…

Woodland Hideaway - By Antonia Ludden

Woodland Hideaway Honeysuckle Playhouse - By Antonia Ludden
Image: Tidy Away Today

The main challenge for Antonia was keeping the playhouse boyish. Leaving the flower shape off the front door and painting parts of the exterior with a camouflage pattern, she was able to create a ‘woodland hideout’ where “the boys could be explorers, adventurers or even spies on secret missions!” 

Her husband added a decked front porch and Antonia cut up some old cargo trousers to make roll-up blinds, simply adhered to the window frames using velcro strips. Blackboard paint allows the boys to draw maps, and there are plenty of hooks to keep their equipment organised. Antonia already had the post box, and said, “I thought it was a cute way to leave notes and clues for each other to follow.”

Halloween Playhouse - By Claire Witt

Halloween Playhouse Honeysuckle Playhouse - By Claire Witt
Image: The Witt Family Blog

Claire’s two children, Violet and Alister couldn’t agree on a permanent theme, so they decorated their playhouse for Halloween. By agreeing to keep the main style relatively neutral, they can change the props regularly to keep everyone happy! 

A carpet remnant from their loft makes the interior super cosy, and some homemade curtains add welcoming colour to the space. An old laptop desk has been upcycled to create a special reading nook and pumpkin battery lights brighten things up on autumn afternoons. 

Beach Hut Playhouse - By Becky Dickinson

Beach Hut Playhouse Honeysuckle Playhouse - By Becky Dickinson
Image: The Allotment Mum

Paint is the most striking feature of this fun design, bringing a vibrant beach house vibe to this family’s back garden. With homemade driftwood decorations and clever storage solutions to keep the floor space clear for play, this stylish blue and white playhouse brings a ray of sunshine to the greyest of winter days. 

Traditional Cute Playhouse - By Gina Caro

Traditional Cute Playhouse Honeysuckle Playhouse - By Gina Caro
Image: Gypsy Soul

Gina has a boy and a girl, so she wanted to choose a colour they would both like. The light blue exterior is fresh and stylish, and the pretty planters either side of the front door provide even more kerb appeal! Gina finished off the front of the playhouse by hanging pretty bunting made from leftover scraps of fabric. This bright splash of colour adds a fun and festive vibe to this classic design. 

Why should you decorate your children’s wooden playhouse?

Giving your children’s wooden playhouse a lick of paint not only transforms the way it looks, it protects the timber from the elements and prevents decay. 

But more importantly, decorating your playhouse gets your kids involved with the design, keeping the space relevant as they grow and change. Roleplay games are a vital part of child development. They help to build confidence, encourage creative communication and engage problem solving skills. Just a few simple props can change an empty space into a hospital, art gallery, cafe or space station. See our article on how to get the most from your playhouse for more inspiration, and our playhouse maintenance tips will ensure your children can enjoy their secret den for many years to come. 

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