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11 blogs to help budget your way to prosperity

11 blogs to help budget your way to prosperity

You earned it, so why waste it? If you’d like to make your money go further so you can live the lifestyle you want and meet your long term financial goals, check out these savvy blogs. Packed with insights, advice, and tips – these clever bloggers will help you save more and spend less. Here’s how to live well on a budget.

The Frugal Cottage

Fancy retiring early? Nicola shows you how.
Image source: Jax10289

Imagine the freedom of being able to save 50% of your income and live off the rest,” says Nicola of the Frugal Cottage. If that sounds like a whole lot of pain, check out the goal – to retire early. Want to know how? It’s doable, Nicola says, but you have to budget, save, and get into some side hustles to make it happen.

Saving money around the house and on your groceries is a good way to build your early-retirement fund. If you’re not sure where to start, why not try Nicola’s popular online course to help you reduce your weekly food spend? As a frugal expert who’s appeared on BBC Radio, Channel 4 and BBC Breakfast, you know it makes sense.

Family Budgeting

Switching to bars of soap is an easy swap.
Image source: Rok Breznik

How would you like to save money and do your bit to help the planet? Stop buying cotton wool says Becky of the award-winning Family Budgeting blog: “The cotton crop is water-intensive and often uses a large amount of pesticides as well.” Just one of seven great ideas to help you reduce your waste to zero, and as she says, a moist face cloth works just as well.

Much more than a simple budgeting blog, Becky also covers parenting, food, travel, fashion, and more – and all with an eye to getting the most from your money. Want to redesign your kitchen without breaking the bank? Becky shows you how.

Emma’s Savvy Savings

Pretty scraps of fabric make excellent gift wrap.
Image source: haru

Another lady who likes to save money and the environment, Emma’s top tip is to wrap gifts with pages recycled from glossy magazines, newspapers, or even scraps of fabric. Not only will you reduce your spend but, because “paper accounts for almost 35% of landfill garbage”, you’re also doing something to cut back on unnecessary waste.

Fed up with being broke? Putting yourself back in the financial driving seat begins with speaking to your creditors, Emma says. Hiding your money worries won’t help and besides, your lenders might be able to help. For more tips on managing your money worries, check out Emma’s excellent blog.

Savvy in Somerset

A stitch in time saves nine when it comes to a small chip on your windscreen.
Image source: Dmitry Kalinovsky

Got a chip in your windscreen? Get it fixed before it turns into a crack says personal finance blogger, Fiona: “Avoiding the need for a new windscreen will save hundreds of pounds and there are plenty of companies that will come to you at home or work to fix a chip.

There’s plenty of other advice here to help you save on day to day costs – and some fun and unusual ways to make money from side hustles – like when Fiona sold a pair of smelly old £3 shoes for £70 on Ebay...hint...where there’s a fetish there’s a buck to be made.

Thrifty Lesley

A delicious Christmas feast works on a budget too!
Image source: Thrifty Lesley


Think how much money you’d save if you could eat for £1 per day. Sounds incredible doesn’t it? But blogger and money-saver extraordinaire, Lesley will show you how, even going as far as to provide meal plans, recipes and calorie breakdowns. Her blog is the perfect resource for anyone on a tight budget.

A stalwart of her local Women's Institute, Lesley says “I have been broke many times in my life and a resource like this would have helped me.” And her recipes are delicious and nutritious too. Anyone for a delicious full Christmas dinner? It looks mouthwatering and two courses only cost £1.40 per person.

Frugal Family

You absolutely don’t need to fill your trolley with a different cleaning product for each cleaning job around your house,” says Cass, the pen behind Frugal Family. In fact, why would you waste any money on shop-bought sprays when you can make your own fragrant surface cleaner

Just fill a mason jar with orange peel, spirit vinegar and leave to steep – a great way to save money and reduce your use of harsh chemicals. Looking to save money? Find your ‘why’, Cass says. Hers is to pay down the mortgage so she and her family can have more security and fun – what’s yours?

Skint Dad

It takes just 10 minutes to compare energy suppliers for the best deal.
Image source:

Save money, make money, manage money. That’s what Skint Dad is all about. This awesome thrifty blog – the brainchild of husband and wife team, Ricky and Naomi – does exactly what it says on the tin. Looking to save yourself some serious cash? Find out how simply changing energy supplier can cut bills by £200 per year.

Ever heard the expression, one man’s rubbish is another man’s treasure? Who knew you can actually make money by selling your used toilet roll tubes? Just save them up, package them in multiples of 25, 50, 0r 100, and list them on EBay, says Ricky. Check out the blog to find out how much you’ll get for your toilet treasure.


Stars of the small screen – Jo and Leisa.
Image source:

Back home in Jamaica, our mother never really had supplies of groceries in the kitchen,” say twin sisters, Jo and Leisa. No wonder they learned how to cook simple, delicious dishes from scratch using just a few basic ingredients. Fancy making genuinely authentic Jamaican jerk chicken? Let the girls show you how.

Always laughing when they’re together, this pair of bloggers are social media divas and now TV stars too – you can catch them on Shop Smart on Channel 5. A great resource that makes economising simple and fun, you’ll love their take on their new life in front of the camera lens.


Katy’s chorizo-loaded potato dish looks delicious.
Image source: Katykicker

How about some delicious, frugal, simple slow cooker dinners? Anyone who’s serious about living frugally knows that a slow cooker is your passport to great savings, and hassle-free meals that are ready when you get home from work. Anyone for slow cooker chorizo-loaded potatoes?

Katy started her personal finance blog five years ago when her hubby helped her quit the job she hated. Now, Katy earns a good living from her various money-making and money-saving ventures – check out her post on grocery shopping cashback apps to find out how she received over £100 from just one of the apps she uses.

Mrs Mummy Penny

Switching mobile phone providers can save a small fortune.
Image source:

You can make some amazing monthly savings when you switch your mobile phone provider says personal finance expert, Lynn James. A former management accountant, she brings a wealth of money know-how from the corporate world to the blogosphere – if you’re keen to plan your financial future, you’ve come to the right place. 

Wondering how to broach the issue of money management with your kids? Check out Lynn’s podcast on the subject. Plus there are shrewd tips on how to save money on holidays and having fun as a family – Mrs Mummy Penny is a top personal finance blog full of genuinely knowledgeable advice and guidance.

Savings 4 Savvy Mums

Laura wants to lift the taboo on talking about money.
Image source: Jo karen

It only takes a few minutes to pop over to Facebook and ask a large community for help or advice on sleep, weaning or how to tame your wayward toddler,” says personal finance blogger, Laura. “So why can’t we be this open about money?” 

If you’ve ever been embarrassed about your financial position, don’t be, Laura says. Perhaps it’s because she’s been there herself, that this blog is as fun, frank and engaging as it is. Worried you won’t have enough food to feed the kids? Or are you worried about someone else? Laura has some excellent advice to share on emergency meal planning. As she says: “You’re still an amazing parent and things will get better.

We hope you’ve found some clever ways to make your money go further and live well on a budget. It’s never been more true, that if you look after the pennies, the pounds will look after themselves.

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