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How to give your garden shed a festive makeover

How to give your garden shed a festive makeover

If winter leaves you feeling a little flat, decorating your garden for the festive season is a great way to lift your spirits. And if you have a shed, log cabin or garden room, don’t skimp on the sparkle. 

With a little imagination you can create a winter wonderland in your own back yard – what better way to tempt everyone out into the fresh air on cold days and bring a welcome glow to dark evenings? Here’s how to give your shed or garden building a seasonal makeover... 

1. Let it glow

Winter garden shed decoration
Add fairy lights to your shed for an easy way to illuminate your garden
Image: Shutterstock

String outdoor fairy lights over your garden building, through your trees and along your fence. Not only will they create a warm glow to enjoy from the house, they’ll also light the way for evening visits out to your rustic grotto! If you’re fully decking out your shed or garden building, add some Christmas lights to the interior as well. Go for a solar powered option if you don’t have an outdoor power supply. 

2. Hang a festive wreath

Festive greenery against wooden background
Create your own eco-friendly festive decorations from nature
Image: Olga Pink/Shutterstock

Make your own huge, festive wreath from greenery, seedheads and berries collected from the garden. A bright bow and some dried orange slices will bring it to life before you hang it on the door of your shed, summerhouse or log cabin. 

3. Break out the Christmas ribbon

Ribbon is one of the festive season’s hardest working accessories and can transform anything in a matter of seconds. Wide swathes of red, tartan or burlap ribbon can be added to plant pots, hanging baskets and even window boxes to add an instant dash of Christmas. When it’s all over, simply roll it up and save for another year. 

4. Decorate a tree

Decorated Christmas tree in garden
Decorated Yuletide trees don't just belong indoors
Image: FotoHelin/Shutterstock

Decorate a tree in your garden with outdoor lights and a load of colourful, weatherproof decorations. Alternatively, feed plain popcorn onto string and drape around your outdoor trees like tinsel. The birds will love you for it. 

Don’t forget the inside of your garden building too. Pop a mini Christmas tree inside, or collect a vase of holly to brighten things up. 

5. Make Christmas bird seed ornaments

Homemade star bird feeder from seeds
Help your local wildlife thrive during the winter months with homemade feeders
Image: Shutterstock

While we’re thinking of birds, make some festive-shaped feeders with cookie cutters and a mixture of seeds, uncooked cranberries, suet and lard. These beautiful decorations will look lovely hanging from trees and give our feathered friends a much needed boost at the same time. 

6. Warm up the space

Your garden building will be so much more appealing if it’s warm and snug. Not everyone wants to install a log burner in their shed, log cabin or wooden workshop, but a small portable heater makes for an easy solution. Go for a halogen, infrared or electric heater to quickly warm up the space.

7. Add some cosy creature comforts

Winter bench covered in snow and a blanket
Add some cosy finishing touches
Image: Shutterstock

A pile of warm tartan blankets and some sheepskin rugs instantly add a festive touch to any space. Drape over seats or display on a rustic ladder shelf. Channel the rustic ski-chalet vibe or go for a Scottish Highlands colour scheme. 

8. Build up layers of festive scent

While scented candles are a popular choice, you must never leave one unattended, especially in a wooden building. Why not make your own festive pot pourri with with cinnamon, orange and vanilla? Alternatively, press dried cloves into fresh oranges and suspend them around the room from twine. 

9. Set up a garden bar

Waltons 6 x 4 Pressure Treated Garden Bar
Set up a garden bar for outdoor festive entertaining.
Image: Waltons 6 x 4 Pressure Treated Garden Bar

For a Nordic style Christmas drinks party, decorate your shed, log cabin or garden room, add a loaded buffet table, and invite friends and family to pop round for a glass of mulled wine. A beautifully lit outdoor garden bar makes a fun and festive addition to your outdoor space. Just add a fire pit, some sheepskin-lined hay bales, and you can celebrate the season in cool Scandi style. 

Will you be giving your garden building a Christmas makeover? Comment below or share your projects with us via our social channels using the hashtag #MyWaltons

Lead image source: Matthew Brown

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