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How to start a shed club

How to start a shed club
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The first rule of shed club is... talk about shed club!

Is your shed living up to its potential? Every week, like minded people turn their sheds into quirky spaces in which to discuss literature, upcycle furniture and share their DIY skills. We’re talking about the growing phenomenon that is the shed club.

Here we take a look at how you’ve transformed your sheds, from cobweb-strewn repositories of rusting garden implements into the perfect pads in which to entertain, potter and create. Read on for the info and inspiration you need to help you free your inner sheddie!

How to transform your shed into a venue

Before you begin to think about inviting your friends to partake in your newly established shed club, first get the practical stuff done. Think about the kind of space you want to create, put on your overalls and get busy.

Get creative with colour

bright pink colourful shed
Image source: Alexandra Campbell
Pick a colour, any colour

A new paint job will revitalise even the most mundane of sheds. As Blogger Alexandra Campbell suggests:

“If you don’t have time to glue 50,000 shells onto the interior of your shed, or the skills to build a Gothic lodge shed from salvaged material, you can still transform your standard-issue flat-pack. Pick up a pot of paint and a brush, and paint it.”

Just make sure you use weather-proof paint for your shed’s exterior. Emulsion is fine for the inner walls.

Power up your pad

electrically powered shed
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Get your shed connected

Having a warm, well lit space is essential if your club is to meet all year round. And of course you’ll need power if you plan to use power tools.

Designer and sheddie Jane of the Teawagon tales blog says it’s definitely worth paying an electrician to connect your shed to the mains and add a couple of wall lights. And for the winter months she recommends using a small oil filled heater:

“It heated up the shed in about ten minutes and I was toasty warm all winter....even now if it has been a bit cold or damp I put the heater on low for an hour to keep it dry.”

Go Green

solar powered shed
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Get your club eco-connected

As an environmentally friendly sheddie, you’ll be keen to reduce your carbon footprint. If so, why not take a leaf from the book of Kevin Holland, creator of the award winning, self sufficient “Solar Shed”, which he says is all about bringing people together:

“It is a hobby room, an office, a chill-out bolt hole and a place for rather unusual parties. It is also doing more than its fair share for the environment and the community.

Kevin lights his shed with solar panels that generate generate 5kw of electricity a day, which is also enough to power the fridges and freezers in which he stores his surplus home-grown produce.

Style your shed

pretty yet practical shed
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Sheds can be practical and pretty

What will your club members be getting up to in your shed? It pays to plan ahead when thinking about furnishing your shed’s interior.

Think about how many power points you’ll need and where they should go. For any kind of craft or DIY activity, you'll also require at least one large surface to work on and plenty of storage. Make the most of your shed’s vertical space by using shelves and stacking boxes.

If your club is all about socialising, comfort is key. We're thinking sofas, a beer fridge and a coffee table or two. To avoid clutter, consider using stylish foldable or multi-functional furniture.

Setting up a creative club? Quirky and upcycled pieces are perfect for giving your shed a spark of originality. Artist Nicola says peaceful colours, upcycled furniture and fairy lights have transformed her shed into a charming studio space:

“While it may look pretty ordinary on the outside, inside it has been transformed into a magical space where I can be inspired, design and create… It really is home!”

For a final flourish why not add a few wall hangings and colourful rugs which have the added advantage of helping to keep your shed warm and cosy.

Sheddies showcase

a pub in a shed
Image source:
Enjoy a pint in this pub style shed

When footy mad Neil Byrne wanted a place to socialise before Leeds United home matches he came up with the pub themed shed pictured above. Explaining why he chose to call it “The Scratching Shed”, he says:

“It’s named after the old rickety south stand that used to be one of the terraces at Elland Road and the gable ends face West and East as did the original football stand.”

The walls of Neil’s pub home-from-home are festooned with footy memorabilia and there’s a well-stocked bar, a TV, fridge, jukebox and dart board. Step outside and you’ll even discover an astroturf garden along with a wood burner and pub bench.

arts and crafts shed
Image source:
Kathy’s creative classroom

Artist Kathy Evershed uses her shed to give children the chance to paint on canvas, create models and experiment with various art techniques. But what inspired Kathy to open her shed as a business serving young people from the local community?

“My inspiration for ArtShed came from a suggestion made by a friend whilst sitting around a campfire one evening. That spark got the fire going.”

Kathy’s creative classes are so popular that she now also runs arty holiday camps for kids as well as art sessions for adults.

oswestry mens shed
Image source:
A shed dedicated to men

Inspired by Australian charity Mensheds, Oswestry Men’s Shed aims to address social isolation by bringing men together to work on projects:

“Shed members come from a wide variety of backgrounds ranging from highly skilled joiners, wood turners and engineers to beginners; there is a role in the shed for everyone.”

Inside their shed, the group gathers around a large central work surface to chat over a cuppa, make things and share their skills. They keep the space cosy with a log burning stove. Sound inviting? We think so!

What kind of club could you run from your shed? Head over to our Facebook page and share your ideas! We’d love to hear them!

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