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How to turn a shed into a Saturday night family den

How to turn a shed into a Saturday night family den
How to turn a shed into a cosy family den

How to turn a shed into a cosy family den

Saturday nights involve x-factor, pizza and popcorn however it can become a little bit repetitive week after week. Why not create yourself an outdoor family den where you can watch this week's best TV in a cosy and fun environment.


vintage style popcorn for cinema shed

vintage style popcorn for cinema shed

Your children won't be able to resist joining you under the stars to enjoy an evening spent relaxing and watching a film alfresco style.

We have created this guide on how you can create a family den in your garden shed or garden building.

Make some room

If you already own a shed, summerhouse or log cabin this will be a huge saving. All you need to do is have a clear out and give the building a once over with a duster.

Throw away any bits and bobs that you don't need and patch up any holes with good quality wood filler. Give the windows a clean and sand down rough edges. Now you have a blank canvas to work from.

Don't worry if you don't already own a garden building as buying a new one shouldn't cost you the earth. All you need is a building that is big enough for your family to sit and snuggle up comfortably.

A summerhouses or log cabins are great for use as relaxing and hobby spaces. You could use the room as a craft studio or hobby room in the day and at night use it to hang out with the family.

Make it cosy collage

The evenings are beginning to get chilly so bringing in lots of blankets and even a portable heater is a must. A shed won't take long to heat up, to help reduce heat loss, consider laying lino flooring or carpet on the floor of the shed and add some curtains to the windows.

Another way to keep the shed or summerhouse warm is to insulate it. Insulating a shed or summerhouse won't cost a fortune and adding some insulation will save you money in heating the building. Heat is mainly lost in the roof and floor of a building, so if you can't afford to go for full insulation focus on those first. If you need some tips about insulating a shed, summerhouse or log cabin, check out our handy guide.


Giving your shed, summerhouse or log cabin a lick of paint will instantly transform the building. A popular style is to give it a beach hut look with pastel blues and whites. Keep the inside in a bright white colour to give the illusion of more space.

Let the sparks fly

If you want to be able to have lighting on and watch films then you will need to look into hooking up to your home electricity supply. We recommend getting in touch with a local electrician to find out what will need doing and how much it will cost. If you want to keep day-to-day running costs low, you can look at adding solar panels to your shed or garden building. Check out this guide on how to add solar panels to a garden shed.

let there be light cheap ways to light up a shed

It's beginning to get dark earlier again so you will need some kind of light source in your family den. You can choose battery powered fairy lights and tea lights in lanterns for a soft rustic look or get lighting installed. Solar powered lights also work well and won't cost you anything to run them.

add some furniture to a shed

Furnishing your family den doesn't have to be costly. Recycling palettes for seating won’t cost you much and you can tailor your seating to fit in your garden building.

Shelving is easy to add and storage carts work well if you want to be able to move the storage around. Look around websites such as free cycle and preloved for side tables and storage that you can bring back to life with paint.

You could also fill the shed with floor cushions and bean bags for a super simple and more temporary furnishings. Just remember lots of cushions and blankets and you'll have a great space to spend time with the family in.

add some decoration to your shed

When it comes to decorating a shed or garden building, it’s best to try and not go mad finding lots of trinkets because you don’t have a huge space to work with.

Posters and wall art is a great way to decorate a garden building. Vintage movie posters look cool on a wall and add interest, vinyl stickers also work well. Any decoration or ornament that has a function is a huge bonus. Keep it simple, empty jam jars filled with flowers or fairy lights look fab and little bright storage boxes are ideal.

Why don't you give your shed a makeover and give your family a unique space to enjoy all year around. All takes is an afternoon or two to sort. See more ideas and inspiration on the Waltons Blog.

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