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How to use feng shui to create the ultimate garden yoga room

How to use feng shui to create the ultimate garden yoga room

How to use feng shui to create the ultimate garden yoga room

Feng Shui, which means 'wind and water' is the ‘complex art based on the Chinese understanding of the dynamic flow of energy throughout the universe - Feng Shui to apply feng shui to a garden yoga room

Feng Shui practice focuses on how ones environment can have an effect on their inner self. With this in mind, the art is applied to interior design. Yoga is also about relaxation and using the earth's energy to focus your mind, body and soul.

When you practice yoga in a room that has been designed to the rules of feng shui, the positives of yoga is intensified.

Here are 6 ways that you can apply the art of feng shui to a garden yoga room.

1. Garden Room Placement

Placement is at the core of feng shui practices and the beauty of a garden room such as a shed, summerhouse or log cabin, is that you can place it in your garden exactly where you want.

Position the garden room in an area that gets the most natural light preferably facing the North East. According to the Art of Living the “North-East is the direction for spirituality. A yoga space is best in or facing the north-east where it will soak up the healing rays of the early morning sun.”

Obviously you will be dictated by the position of your garden however the main thing is ensuring that the room gets lots of light and has opening windows to ensure that the air and energy can flow around the room freely.

2. Colour paletteyellow and blue cushions for a yoga room

The colours that you choose to surround you in your garden yoga room are really important in Feng Shui terms.

The best colours for a yoga room are Yellow, Blue, Green, Purple and White

Yellow – Energy and Strength

Green – Growth and Inspiration

Blue – Reflection and Relaxation

Purple – Spirituality and Power

White – Focus and Purity

Don’t go and paint stripes of colour as this won’t be very effective however you can incorporate the stronger colours such as purple and yellow in yoga essentials, cushions, and furnishings.

For more about colours and feng shui check out this article

3. Simplicityexample of a simple garden yoga room interior

The beauty of yoga is that you don’t need any equipment other than a mat. Keep the room as simple and clutter free as possible. A few mats, cushions and a space for storing books, DVDs and incense is all you need to be able to get in the yoga zone.

4. 5 elements

Another fundamental part of feng shui is about surrounding yourself with natural materials and the 5 elements Fire, Water, Earth, Wind and Air. Bamboo matting, pebbles, candles and perhaps a small water feature will help you to include all of those elements into your yoga room without cluttering it up as they can all sit happily on a shelf or drawer unit.

5. Furniture Placement

In a yoga room you shouldn't have too much furniture; however it is important to note where to put certain items if you have them.

A good way to work out correct placement is through the compass elements.

Firstly, a general rule of feng shui is to never place furniture in the way of pathways, in a garden room keep all furniture against a wall and create a clear movement path.

Compass Elements

The compass elements are the use of the elements and those elements correlate to a point of a compass.

North of the room - Water

To include a water element in the room place it in a north corner / wall. This could be anything from a water feature to a painting of a waterfall.

South of the room - Firefire corner for a feng shui yoga room

If you have any lamps, fitted lights or candles (battery powered ones are best for safety) in the room, then place them to the south of the shed. Red, orange and pink items such as cushions would also work in the south corner.

East/ Southeast - Wood

An easterly position is perfect for wooden items such as picture frames. Living plants also work well in an easterly position.

West / Northwest - Metal

Anything metal is ideally placed in a westerly position. Metal items can be anything from jewellery to wind chimes.

Northeast/ Southwest - Earth

Crystals, pottery and ceramics are considered as Earth products.

Practicing yoga at home in your own dedicated space means that you can really focus on your sessions and you can tailor them to meet your needs.

A garden room such as a shed, summerhouse or log cabin is ideal for creating a dedicated yoga space because they can be set away from the house and they provide all of the room that you need to retreat after a long day.We hope that this guide was helpful and if you have anything to add that you have found out, tell us about it in the comments below.

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