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Messy shed competition winner!

Messy shed competition winner!

We asked sheddies across the land to show us their messy sheds - and we weren't disappointed. Here's our winner, and some honourable mentions that didn't quite make the cut!

The winner

Alan Wooldridge is the proud winner of the competition, with his very fine entry. He does mention an equally messy second shed, but we haven't seen that one yet...

messy shed winner
Alan Wooldridge's winning messy shed

What a state! It must be hard to even close the door on all of that clutter. Alan wins a garden storage chest to store some of his overflow - but we fear that it'll quickly become just as messy... Congrats, Alan!

Honourable mentions

Of course, Alan's wasn't the only entry - there were some fine shed shambles shared with us - here are a few of our other favourites that didn't quite make the cut. But be warned - some shed owners may find these images upsetting...


kevs messy shed
Kev's shed really is a mess...

Kev's mess is typically random - everything's just shoved in, and he'll struggle to find his tools in spring...


Paul's entry for messy shed
Paul's messy shed entry

Paul's messy shed is clearly a state - but those plant pot trays are so tidily stacked!


leah's messy shed
Leah's messy shed has an occupant!

Leah's entry charmed us - it's hard to resist the appeal of a lonely polar bear. But the laundry basket contains a lot of the mess really well!

And finally - Jim

jim's sad shed
We've never seen an unhappier shed

We don't know if Jim's shed is unhappy because it's so messy, or because it's not messy enough to enter. But this sad shed pulled at all the judges' heartstrings.

We're grateful for all the entries, and are only sorry that not everyone can win - but thanks to everyone for playing along with our messy shed competition! If you're struggling to keep your own shed in check, have a look at our '10 genius ways to organise a shed' post and get tidying!

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