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National Allotment Week: Your best pictures

National Allotment Week: Your best pictures

National Allotment week celebrates everything to do with allotments and other open spaces in your local community. Allotments are a fun way to get involved in the community. There’s nothing as satisfying as home grown fruit and vegetables!

Gardening is an enjoyable way to get out in the fresh air and socialise with others doing the same. Allotments are in high demand and are hard work, and more often than not are under threat from developers.

National Allotment week is here to remind us how important our allotments are to us and our local communities. To celebrate it, we asked you to send us photos of your allotments or produce, and here just some of are our favourites!

Kirsty Ward

Vibrant colours

Kirsty shared this colourful collage of her allotment and produce - there are so many vibrant hues from her various flowers! We love the variety Kirsty has produced from her allotment, and it is clearly a thoroughly looked-after plot. From the runner beans, squash, and courgettes to the sumptuous pumpkins, Kirsty is certainly making good use of her allotment!

Sharon Freemantle

Compost fun

While this is a garden rather than an allotment, you can’t knock Sharon for getting into the spirit of National Allotment week. It’s delightful to see the use of a compost bag to grow some vegetables, and some waterbutts for the thirsty crops.

Lisa Louies Lewis-Pennell

Good old fashioned fun

This stunning plot looks to be a busy place! Lisa’s allotment is certainly thriving; we can imagine this would be the perfect place to while away the hours on a hot, or not, summer’s day.

Linda Dennis

The produce of green thumbs

What a flourishing allotment Linda has here. Such a loved place is sure to yield some delicious produce. It’s great to see such a variety of crops growing in this well cared for plot!

Lisa Berry

Spoilt for choice

Lisa has harvested some fantastic produce! Those potatoes look fabulous, the courgettes and squash are mouthwatering, and the beetroot add a splash of colour to this gardening haul. It looks like Lisa and her family are going to be busy using these up in delicious homemade meals for a while!

Sharon Davies

A year in the life...

This captivating collage shows Sharon’s first year in her new allotment. All the hard work that has gone into transforming it has been well worth it. We especially love the scarecrow watching over the crops as they grow! There is ample produce for Sharon and her family to enjoy, and they’ll be spoilt for choice of things to eat too.

Allotments are certainly well loved all around - if you got stuck into celebrating National Allotment week with your own allotment, why not show us your own spoils on the Waltons Facebook page?

Lead image: Getty Images

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