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Shed loads of love

Shed loads of love


If you have been thinking about giving your shed a makeover, Valentine’s Day may just be the perfect excuse. Surprise your loved one by treating them to an alfresco evening for two right in your back garden.

Step 1: Prep, Prime and Paint

Depending on how long your shed has been left to fend for itself, you may need to roll up your sleeves up and give it a bit of TLC. Give it a clear out and remove any dirt, dust and cobwebs to give you a blank canvas to work from. A power washer is the best for this as it will effectively remove loose bits of wood and any tough bits of dirt.

Now you need to decide on whether it needs to be painted, this can take a few days to do so try and plan it to give it plenty of time to dry. If your shed is made out of wood it will need priming, choose an oil-based, high-adhesion, stain-blocking primer that will prevent bleed-through

Once you have let the primer completely dry now you can start adding some color. Valentine’s Day is all about vibrant reds and soft pinks but you don’t have to paint the entire four walls in those colours – create a feature wall and paint that in an accent colour and keep the rest of the walls a more neutral tone such as an old white.

Step 2: Light up and decorate

Once you have painted your walls you can start decorating your love nest. Begin with your lighting, hang up fairy lights (battery powered ones are great if you don’t have electricity points) bring in lanterns and don’t forget lots of tea lights and candles are the perfect romantic lighting solution.

Now the fun bit, decoration. Think heart garlands, love signs, and quote canvases. We love DIY flower garlands made out of clear wire that can be hung from the ceiling to create a romantic backdrop.

Step 3: Make it cosy

After you’ve added a bit of decoration think about moving in some furniture, what you choose will depend on what you are planning on using your romantic setting for. You could turn it into a private cinema or a mini restaurant for two or create a lovers fort with sheets hung from the ceiling and lots of cushions.

Now you are ready for a romantic night in. All you need to do is pop open the champagne (or beverage of your choice) and sort out the picnic.

For more inspiration on transforming your shed into a romantic hideaway check out our Pinterest page.

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