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Six sheds to improve your life

Six sheds to improve your life

How can a shed change your life? In more ways than you can imagine. Today’s sheds have evolved from scruffy makeshift huts into beautiful, versatile garden buildings. Think of the shed as an outdoor room which opens up the space, shape and possibilities of your home.


Whether you need more storage space, a garden retreat, an artistic bolthole or a party place to share with friends, the shed can provide it all. Here are six sheds with the potential to improve your life. Check out the infographic at the end!

Store of wonder

garden shed storage
Not just a shed - it's the ultimate storage solution

No one ever complained of having too much storage space. A storage shed will keep your garden equipment safe and dry and your backyard free from clutter. From bikes to barbecues, tools to trestle tables, a sturdy shed provides the perfect home for the outdoor gear that’s taken over your garage. Just imagine it - being able to park your car off the driveway at last!

And it doesn’t stop there. Use the storage shed to free up space inside your home as well. A sturdy, watertight shed is a great place to store whatever’s currently cluttering up your box room. Useful, versatile, cost-effective - the shed truly is a store of wonder.

Perfect potting shed

perfect potting shed
Get closer to nature with a potting shed

Want to grow your own but don’t have room for a greenhouse and a shed? A potting shed could be just what you need. This hardworking garden building provides the best of both worlds - somewhere warm and dry to start your seedlings, as well as plenty of room to store your tools.

Thanks to its huge windows, the potting shed provides a warm and bright environment where you can grow plants and veg from seed, saving you money. It also makes for a very pleasant getaway at the bottom of your garden. You’ll happily while away the hours here, getting to know the flora and fauna of your backyard’s own ecosystem.

The hobby den

hobby den
Unleash your talent in this light, bright space

If you’ve always dreamed of having your own artist’s studio, a garden building could make that dream come true. Whatever your craft - painting, potting, jewellery making or sewing - a summer house will give you the light, bright space you need to get creative.

With large windows and plenty of room, your new studio will provide an airy retreat in the peace of your own garden. Wired for all the utilities you need and decorated to your own excellent taste, your new studio will fill you with inspiration.

Perfect playhouse

perfect playhouse
Outdoor fun for them, indoor peace for you

Encourage your kids to spend more time outdoors and cut down on screen time with their own garden playhouse. Whether you pick a pretty wendy house or a double-storey cottage with room for sleepovers, this garden building will bring years of happiness.

Enlist your little helpers to assist with painting and styling their new den. Add comfy rugs, cushions, throws and plenty of toys to make it a home from home. Then sit back and watch their imaginations run wild! Outdoor fun for them and indoor peace for you. It’s win-win.


shedquarters - work from home in a garden building
Cut the commute and choose your own hours

Cut the commute and choose your own hours with a garden office. Conveniently situated in your own garden, you’ll have all the comforts of home just a few steps away. You can even spend all day in your pyjamas and slippers if that appeals.

Affordable to build and cheap to run, the advantages of a garden home office are endless. You’ll be able to work from home with no domestic distraction. And just imagine the view from the window of your ‘shedquarters’. Surrounded by nature and drawing on all the creativity that inspires, you’ll be happier, healthier and more productive.

Relaxation station

relaxation station
Extend your home without the hassle of bricks and mortar

Imagine having your own home cinema, or pool room, or private bar! With a log cabin the possibilities are endless. A garden room will add extra living space to your home without all the hassle of a brick-and-mortar extension.

Warm, insulated, and positioned away from your main house, it makes the perfect garden getaway. Share the space to bring your family closer together, or use it to get some much-needed space from one another. Either way, the ‘relaxation station’ will restore harmony to your family.


Which of these sheds would improve your life? Visit to make your shed dreams come true.

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