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The Gardening Guide Issue 2

The Gardening Guide Issue 2

In this February’s magazine we've put together articles, guides and tutorials to help you prepare your garden for spring! It’s still bitterly cold outside but there is plenty to do.

The UK is still suffering from rainy weather but so far we’ve not had large amounts of snow, fingers crossed. The weather will start to warm up soon but in the mean time enjoy ‘The Gardening Guide’ with a warm cup of tea. If you planted flowering bulbs in your garden last fall you should start to see them bloom now. Daffodils, lilies and tulips will slowly start to sprout and bloom in beautiful colours.

To make the most of your bulbs you can split the bulbs in two; this will double the amount of flowering plants in your garden. We've included a handy guide to splitting bulbs in this month’s issue. Keeping Chickens may seem like a bit of a rural hobby but you can keep hens in almost any garden! In this month’s guide we’ve put together a complete guide to keeping chickens.

The complete guide will help you pick the right chicken coop; this is very important because it is a large investment and will be home to your new chickens. We've also included lots of information about feeding chickens, keeping them healthy and much more. February is also the month of love, Valentine’s Day is not far away! In this month’s magazine read about adding these iconic flowers to your garden. This time next year you could have your own bunch of home grown roses to give away.

We hope you enjoy this month’s magazine. If you have any feedback, comments or suggestions for next month’s issue please contact us on Facebook, Twitter or Google+. You can also leave comments under this blog post. You can download the magazine here: Happy Reading!

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