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The Gardening Guide - Issue 6

The Gardening Guide - Issue 6

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The Gardening Guide - Issue #6


May is here! Finally we can forget about frost and look forward to a long, hot summer (hopefully). This month in the UK we are also lucky because there will be two Bank Holiday Mondays to enjoy in the garden or allotment. There are lots of different jobs to complete in most gardens during May; pest and weed control often takes top priority.


May signals the start of warm weather which often means a sudden influx of garden pests like aphids, slugs and caterpillars. Pests can cause lots of damage to a garden or allotment; plants suffer a lot when under attack from pests so removing them quickly is important. Our guide will help you identify the pests affecting your plants and also provides ways of removing the pests and preventing them throughout the summer.


This month we also included an article on Historical Gardens. Looking back at gardens through the ages can provide us with lots of inspiration for our modern gardens. Egyptians regarded many plants as sacred and grew them for religious festivals and ceremonies. In Medieval times keeping fish in a garden was important to be in line with the Christian calendar.


In this month’s magazine we’ve also included a ‘How to Grow Strawberries’ Guide! Our guide shows you how to grow yummy strawberries in a pot or container; so it’s suitable for any garden. Strawberries are perfect for any garden or allotment and provide a crop you can harvest throughout the summer months.


We hope you enjoy reading this month’s edition of The Gardening Guide. We are always looking for feedback so please contact us via our social media channels if you have any ideas or ways we can improve. .

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