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The Reclaimed Art Shed

The Reclaimed Art Shed

Sally's Shed is an art business owned by artist, and Shed of the Year entrant, Sally Atkins.

Sally’s unique garden shed is built entirely out of reclaimed wood, old doors and window frames. But it is the inside which makes this building so perfect for a craft lover.

The shed studio is cram-packed with art materials, cute up-cycled furniture and even a decoupage inspiration mural.

We interviewed Sally about her craft room and how she grew her life by having her very own workshop shed.

Sally's shed sign
Sally uses her reclaimed shed to run her art business

Let’s start at the beginning, how did your shed story begin?

It all began after I hit a birthday landmark and realised that I needed to un-leash my creative side. I started creating all sorts of things from stained glass to resin jewellery until I found my niche painting buildings and landmarks onto pieces of wood.

Sally's shed front view
Sally's shed has been created out of reclaimed wood and salvaged glass

With all my crafting I craved a space where I could work in peace without the distractions of everyday life, so I looked to my husband's brick storage shed. He moved out all of his garden tools and me and my craft stuff moved in.

Although having the space was great, it didn't have nearly enough room and certainly not enough light through its tiny little side window so I started searching for another solution. Our other wooden shed was about to collapse so a plan was hatched. I would have a nice new purpose built studio and my hubby could have his shed back... win, win for both of us!

What is your new shed like and how did you get it built?

My new shed is a haven of light and calm. To build the shed we went to a skip to reclaim as much as we could.

We started with the main structure using some huge wooden beams that we found and we fleshed out the shed with lots of reclaimed wood, glass panel doors, and even a set of French doors.

Inside, I have all I need for my creations including a desk, shelving, and of course fairy lights. We have recently added a nifty little lean-to as a wood store.

What is your favourite feature of the room?

Before the boarding was done on the ceiling I just had to sneak in and make my mark on the build. I created a feature wall out of magazine cuttings. It is my inspiration wall, I love the mass of colour which never fails to make me smile whenever I see it.

Crafts from Sally's Shed
Some of Sally's crafts she makes in her shed

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