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The Waltons Playhouse Project - Meet the Bloggers!

The Waltons Playhouse Project - Meet the Bloggers!

We are proud to introduce the 5 bloggers who have been working with us on the Make it Your Own: The Waltons Playhouse Project. If you want to read all about this project click here.

Decorating a playhouse can seem a bit overwhelming for some; what colours do I choose? How much should I spend? Will my kids like it? All these questions can make the simple task of decorating very difficult.

We picked to work with bloggers who we knew would show you how to turn a plain wooden playhouse into something spectacular for just £50! Read about each blogger taking part in this project below.

Jenni Clutten – Ginger Bisquite Blog

Jenni is a family and lifestyle blogger; her blog ‘Ginger Bisquite’ is a beautiful collection of photos, tutorials, articles and stories involving her family and much loved west highland terrier. After buying a home in 2011 Jenni started to blog about her design inspirations, general thoughts on life and her new home.

Since moving to her new home in 2011 Jenni’s life has transformed. She is now a full time parent; Jenni has always been a thrifty person but now this skill has come in handy as she only has one income to rely on after her son’s birth in 2012. You may also recognise Jenni from the Channel 4 show ‘Superscrimpers’; where she provided fun and helpful tips of being fashionable and thrifty.

The Waltons team loves Jenni’s blog; its beautiful layout, stunning photos and helpful articles are transfixing. Jenni clearly has a strong and unique personal style and that’s why we chose her to be part of ‘The Walton’s Playhouse Project’.

Claire Witt – The Witt Family Blog

Claire is a lifestyle and family blogger and runs her own blog; ‘The Witt Family’. Claire is married and has two beautiful children Alistair and Violet. Claire blogs about her busy family life including the fun activities, their holidays, meals, shopping and much more! Claire describes her blog as “a diary of her life” and it often includes posts just about her interests like beauty, recipes and outfits.

Claire also runs a YouTube Channel; she loves vlogging and often uploads videos involving her family and all they get up to. Claire’s blog has lots of fun reviews where she practically lays out everything you need to know about a product and it’s claims. We love catching up with Claire and her family via her blog. It’s fun mix of reviews, tutorials, recipes and stories are perfect if you’re looking for an all round, lifestyle blog.

The team loves catching up with Claire’s blog; it’s an honest catalogue of a UK’s family life and that’s why we chose this blog to be part of our Playhouse Project. We can’t wait to see how much Claire’s kids got on with our building.

Antonia Ludden – Tidy Away Today Blog

Antonia runs a stunning lifestyle and home interiors blog called ‘Tidy Away Today’. Antonia is married and has three sons who are 12, 9 and 6 and lives in Manchester. Tidy Away Today is a beautiful collection of posts dedicated to upcycling, home interiors, tutorials and her lifestyle in general.

Antonia’s blog has been high praised and was a finalist in the Cosmopolitan Magazine Blog Awards Home Interiors category. Her blog was high commended, Bravo Antonia! We’re not surprised, her blog includes so many fun ideas which anyone could apply to their own homes. Her strong sense of style comes through and she includes lots of fun tutorials which you can try at home!

Our team loves Antonia’s blog and we often pin her fun tutorials. We chose this blog to be part of our Playhouse Project because we feel Antonia can transform items on a small budget into beautiful pieces. We can’t wait to see what she creates for our project.

Gina Carro - Cold Tea & Smelly Nappies Blog

Gina is a blogger based in the South West and she writes for her blog ‘Cold Tea & Smelly Nappies’. Her blog includes nearly everything to do with Gina’s life including her children and husband. Her blog is a great mix of posts about being a Mum, raising children, ideas, inspiration and much more!

Gina has self proclaimed itchy feet; she has moved home 25 times and describes herself as someone who is ‘Born to Roam’. Gina’s has had an impressive career including working for Cancer Research UK for 8 years. Now she is a freelance writer and is one of two editors for Mumsnet Devon and is the editor for Mumsnet Plymouth. Gina and her family like to live a ‘Thrifty’ lifestyle and her blog often includes ideas and inspiration for making your own life more thrifty.

Here at Waltons we love Gina’s blog; it is funny and includes so many great ideas that some of us have tried and love. We thought Gina and her family would provide a great home for one of our Playhouses and we can’t wait to see how they transform one of our buildings into something spectacular.

Becky Dickinson – Allotment Mum

Becky is a mum to three children aged 7, 4 and 1. Having spent the past eight years living inside the M25 she has just relocated to Devon and now lives a pebble's throw from the beach.

Her blog is all about the joys and trials of raising children and veg while keeping her head about the compost heap. Becky’s blog includes recipes, how-to’s and lots of information about her allotment. Having moved house, she is currently in the process of creating a new allotment from scratch.

Becky’s whole family get involved in taking care of the allotment and on her blog you will find lots of photos of her children enjoying their wonderful allotment. Here at Waltons we love gardening and it’s great to see a family being so passionate about growing. There are lots of recipes and ideas on the blog like how to make your own cordial or a recipe for making your own berry compote.

The Waltons team love Becky’s blog and we can’t wait to see the playhouse decorated and completed. We think Becky’s creativity and thrifty nature will give us some great inspiration!

Who's excited to see the bloggers playhouses?

Stay tuned, the full blog post will be posted on Friday the 24th of October. We will be posting links on our Facebook, Twitter & Google+ pages all week so don't forget to follow us to see more.

You will be able to vote for your favourite playhouse in our competition starting on the 3rd of November.

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