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Waltons donates Space Shed to city farm

Waltons donates Space Shed to city farm

On a city farm not very far away…

A long week ago in a farm far far away in Nottingham… a shed was donated. But not just any shed – we donated our one-off Space Shed to Stonebridge City Farm. The shed is so unique that only one of us knows how to take it apart and put it back together, so as you can imagine donation day was an experience in itself!

From the 13th January, visitors to Stonebridge City farm in Nottingham have been able to be a part of the full Space Shed experience – bound to be a hit whether you are a sci-fi fan or not!

Stonebridge City Farm was set up in the late 1970s for those who wanted a break from the city. The farm works with people who are experiencing social, school or workplace exclusion, as well as those with learning or physical disabilities or mental health issues.

Finding the ‘space’ in the garden

Guests to Stonebridge City Farm will use the shed to plant and grow a variety of fruits and vegetables – well; you do still need to eat in space!

Here at Waltons, we’re thrilled to have donated the Space Shed to the Stonebridge Farm community – it will be great to see people with young children as well as parties from schools enjoying everything that the shed has to offer. We know that our creation has been donated somewhere where it will be used and enjoyed to its full potential!

We spoke to Marie Rogers, the manager over at the farm, and she is delighted with the Space Shed.

She said: “We are delighted that Waltons have donated the Space Shed to us. Without the support of organisations such as Waltons and other local farms, charities like ours struggle to keep running”. We’re sure this fantastic farm will be running for years to come! Marie also added:

“The shed is going to be such a wonderful thing for people to come and see and will be a great feature for the farm!”

It’s great to help out a local scheme such as Stonebridge Farm so it was natural for us to donate the Space Shed to them.

Plus, the shed has some fantastic features like opening windows and removable shelving – so it’s great for enthusiastic gardeners looking to get planting ready for the spring and summer months.

Want to know more about the story behind the Waltons Space Shed? Check out the 'making of the space shed' article!

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