Best summerhouses 2020

Best summerhouses 2020

There’s nothing we love more than seeing how our wonderful customers have transformed their new Waltons garden buildings. And what better building to embellish your garden with than a brand new summer house

If you’re in need of some inspiration for how to decorate your she shed or man cave, take a look at these fantastic customer summer houses that have been shared with us so far this year.

Elizabeth’s summer house

Elizabeth's Summerhouse 1
Elizabeth's new summer house fits in perfectly with the rest of her garden.
Image source: @eli3abeth_b.

Take a look at Elizabeth’s gorgeous 11 x 7 corner summer house with side shed! We love the classic colour scheme that Elizabeth has opted for with the soft blues and white edging. It makes for a truly sophisticated summer house that we’re sure will be loved for many years to come! You can check out Elizabeth’s summer house for yourself over on her Instagram.

Elizabeth's Summerhouse 2
The ideal space to entertain.
Image source: @eli3abeth_b.

Tammy’s summer house

Tammy's Summerhouse 1
We absolutely love Tammy's summer house!
Image source: Tammy T.

Speaking of sophisticated - take a look at Tammy’s wonderful 12 x 8 contemporary summer house with side shed! The decorations she’s chosen compliment the minimalistic chic well, and create the perfect place to relax in the garden.

Tammy's Summerhouse 2
Just look at that gorgeous interior...
Image source: Tammy T.

Michelle’s summer house

Michelle's Summerhouse 1
Michelle opted for our 10 x 10 Helios.
Image source: Michelle P.

The eagle-eyed among you may notice we’ve already featured Michelle’s lovely 10 x 10 Helios summer house in our garden pub inspiration blog. Michelle’s transformed her new Helios into her very own gin den - where better to spend your time on a Friday after work?

Michelle's Summerhouse 2
A gin den is the perfect use for a summer house.
Image source: Michelle P.

Sheila’s summer house

Sheila's Summerhouse 1
Sheila's created the perfect place to relax.
Image source: Sheila H.

We absolutely love how Sheila has decorated her new 8 x 8 corner summer house! Everything about this says ‘cosy’, and it looks like the perfect place to curl up with a good book and a cuppa. We especially love her choice of decorations!

Sheila's Summerhouse 2
Just the space to relax in...
Image source: Sheila H.

Carol’s summer house

Carol's Summerhouse 1
Carol opted for our 8 x 8 Clover summer house.
Image source: Carol G.

Carol opted for our 8 x 8 Clover summer house, and has transformed it into her very own cocktail lounge. Isn’t this fabulous? Carol has got the perfect space for entertaining family and friends with this gorgeous new summer house.

Carol's Summerhouse 2
The perfect cocktail lounge.
Image source: Carol G.

Joanna’s summer house

Joanna's Summerhouse
What a fantastic summer house transformation!
Image source: Joanna H.

Joanna has done a wonderful job of decorating her new 10 x 8 Helios - just take a look at that inviting interior! This is the perfect place to unwind in after a long day. We especially love the addition of the lanterns outside by the doors; they really add to the contemporary feel.

Leigh’s summer house

Leigh's Summerhouse
Leigh has created a wonderfully sophisticated summer house.
Image source: Leigh J.

It’s no surprise that we love Leigh’s summer house - it won our #MyWaltons competition back in August! Leigh is a real tech fan, and made everything inside his 12 x 8 contemporary summer house with side shed Alexa voice-controlled. Want to know more about this particular summer house? You can read all about Leigh’s customer story here.

Nigel’s summer house

Nigel's Summerhouse 1
We absolutely love Nigel's new summer house!
Image source: @pastpreservers.

Check out Nigel’s new 7 x 7 Bournemouth summer house! This is going to be part home office, part relaxation den, and we think Nigel’s done a fantastic job with it. Want to find out more about Nigel’s summer house? Check out his Instagram!

Nigel's Summerhouse 2
The perfect home office.
Image source: @pastpreservers.

Gordon’s summer houses

Gordon's Summerhouse c1
Where better to put the hot tub than a summer house?
Image source: @forsythgordon.

Gordon’s got not one, but two 10 x 8 Helios summer houses in his garden! Take a look at both of these… One houses the hot tub, and the other a comfy sofa to relax on. What better way to create the perfect space to relax in the garden? You can find out more about Gordon’s summer houses over on his Instagram.

Gordon's Summerhouse 2
There's nothing better than having a second summer house to unwind in.
Image source: @forsythgordon.

Cheryl’s summer house

Cheryl's Summerhouse
You can't beat a garden bar.
Image source: Cheryl M.

Cheryl chose to transform her 12 x 8 contemporary summer house with side shed into her very own bar! Isn’t this fantastic? Cheryl’s got everything she needs to have a fantastic Friday night celebration!

Lisa’s summer house

Lisa's Summerhouse
Lisa's summer house looks wonderfully cosy.
Image source: Lisa F.

We love the simplicity in Lisa’s decorations for her new 7 x 7 corner summer house. It looks so inviting - we’re sure it will be well-loved for many years to come! There’s nothing quite like curling up on the sofa under a comfy blanket...

Sue’s summer house

Sue's Summerhouse 1
Sue opted for the 8 x 8 corner summer house.
Image source: Sue F.

Sue shared her summer house transformation with us a few years ago when she first got her 8 x 8 corner summer house, but she’s recently given it a bit of a makeover. Isn’t this stunning? The cosy seaside-inspired interior is absolutely gorgeous!

Sue's Summerhouse 2
We're loving these beachy vibes!
Image source: Sue F.

Anne’s summer house

Anne's Summerhouse 1
Anne opted for our 10 x 8 Helios.
Image source: Anne T.

Last but not least is this wonderful transformation from Anne. Anne opted for our 10 x 8 Helios, and she really went all out on the fantastic interior decoration! It’s safe to say that Anne has put a lot of love into transforming this space into something truly special.

Anne's Summerhouse 2
Just take a look at that wonderful interior!
Image source: Anne T.

Have you got a Waltons summerhouse you’d like to share with us? We’d love to see it over on our Facebook page, or by sending an email to!