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Foxes won’t only rummage around in your garden and bins, but pose a threat to livestock as well. For a more ethical solution to the problem at hand, these fox scarers will help to deter those unwanted furry friends from getting close to your beloved pets or garden.

Foxes aren’t the only pest problem posed to keen gardeners: to protect your crops from birds, our scarecrows provide a chemical free way to protect your plants. Or if it’s pests indoors that you’re worried about, our range of rodent repellers are sure to take care of the problem.

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Pest XT Advanced Fox Scarer - Single Pack


The advanced fox scarer is designed to send out loud, irritating ultrasonic sound waves that will deter foxes feeding and fouling in your garden whilst not affecting birds.

  • Versatile; The advanced fox scarer is also an effective deterrent for cats and rabbits
  • Effective; High pitched frequency makes it uncomfortable for foxes
  • Powerful sensor; Motion sensor covers 110-degree arc, up to a distance of 26-foot (8m)
  • Easy to use; Total unobstructed working area of 286 square-foot stops foxes feeding and fouling in your garden
  • Weatherproof; Highly effective in any weather

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Pest XT Solar Powered Ultrasonic Flash Pest Repeller


  • Safe and effective; Uses a flash of light and ultrasonic sounds to deter animals
  • Motion sensor; Intelligent PIR sensor inside can detect pests up to an angle of 110°
  • Large area; Can detect animals up to 9 metres away and within an area of approximately 70 square metres
  • Solar powered; The pest repeller will scare away most garden pests without needing a mains power supply
  • Guarantee; 12-month guarantee

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