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Garden Building Recycling Service

Buying a new shed can sometimes mean you're left wondering what to do with your old one. With the Waltons Recycling Service, our delivery team can dispose of your old timber building so you don't have to!

We simply need you to dismantle and flatten the building into manageable panels (under 8ft). All of the panels must be secure enough to transport in one piece. We are unable to accept broken panels or damaged panels (rubble). No other garden waste or items from inside the shed/summerhouse can be accepted. You may leave felt on the shed as long as it is left tidy and tucked away.

The shed recycle service will typically take place after midday. We can pick up your old building from the front of your property at the same time as dropping of your brand new garden building. Simply stack the shed neatly at the front of your property, and remove any glass, plastic and metal.

Checklist for a smooth collection:

  • The building is dismantled and left in panel sections at the front of your property.
  • All panels are in one piece and are robust enough to transport without breaking.
  • All panels are under 8ft x 6ft in size.
  • There are no more than eight panels.
  • All glass, plastic and metal (including screws and nails) have been removed.
  • Your scheduled delivery is after 12 noon.
  • Our team won't be able to take your old shed for recycling if these conditions aren't met. This may result in you still being charged for recycling.

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