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Our push and cordless lawn mowers provide a simple, safe and fuss-free way to keep your grass trim. With a cordless electric or push along mower you'll avoid long cable hazards and the hassle of refuelling.

Need somewhere safe and dry to store your lawn mower? Browse our quality wooden sheds and find the perfect place to store all of your garden tools.

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Aerotek Series X2 40v Cordless Lawnmower


  • Cordless; No limitations and potentially harmful cords to get tangled up in or messy petrol motors to keep filling, the powerful 40V will get you moving at the touch of a button
  • Quick charge; Mow lawns of up to 400 meters-squared
  • Large capacity; The mower has a large 50 litre grass collection box however can be folded to a compact size for easy storage
  • Multipurpose; Cut grass with the 400-millimetre cutting width and nourish your lawn with the mulching attachment; cutting height is also adjustable
  • Guarantee; 24-month guarantee

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Garden Gear Push Lawn Mower


With no petrol or electricity costs and no trailing wires, this eco-friendly mower provides a hassle-free & cost-effective way of keeping your lawn looking great all Summer long.

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Koolle 2 in 1 Lawn Rake and Scarifier


  • Multi-purpose; For use as both a lawn-rake and scarifier, ensuring garden maintenance is quicker and easier than ever before
  • Compact; Smaller than an electric lawnmower the lawn-rake and scarifier includes handles that fold down to allow easy storage
  • Adjustable; With four different working heights this scarifier will fit your individual requirements and a working width of 320 millimetres
  • Large capacity and long power cord; Includes a 30 litre grass collector bag and 10-metre-long power cord
  • Guarantee; 24- month guarantee

Pick your day and delivered free to most areas

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Windowless Garden Sheds

Many garden shed thefts are opportunist, with the thief just happening to see what's in your building through a window. Our range of windowless sheds offer more secure, out-of-sight storage, as well as extra privacy. They're cheaper than similar sheds because of their simple construction, so offer more security for a better price. A range of styles and sizes ensures you can choose the right windowless shed for your storage needs.

All of our sheds come with full, easy to read installation instructions. If you're not sure which is the best kind of base to use, then consult our 'How to build a shed base' article and free download.

If you would rather leave it to the professionals to build your shed then all you have to do is let us know at the time of order. We will then send out one of our shed experts with your delivery to build it for you. All of our sheds come with a ten-year anti rot guarantee so you can be sure that your new garden shed will live a long and happy life.

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