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After working hard on your flowerbeds and vegetable patch all year, the last thing you’ll want is slugs and other creepy crawlies chewing on your greenery. Protect your plants with these pest repeller solutions to make sure they flourish, rather than wilt away.

To prevent other insects from invading the veg patch, our range of ultrasonic scarers provide an environmentally friendly way to handle the problem.Or if your garden keeps getting invaded by larger animals such as foxes, we’ve got plenty of options to keep your garden clear.

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Defenders Slug Traps


  • Twin-pack; Supplied as a pack of 2
  • Bait supplied; Come pre-baited and ready to use
  • Re-usable; Durable design can be re-used time and time again
  • Poison-free; Chemical-free lure that is suitable for organic gardening

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Defenders Fruit Tree Grease Band


  • Protection; Provides protection against caterpillars, ants, earwigs or moths laying their eggs in the winter
  • Poison-free; Suitable for organic gardening
  • Long lasting; Stays effective for up to 2 months
  • Large area; Grease band measures 175 x 10cm

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