Our installation Services

If you’re daunted by the prospect of installing your new shed or garden building yourself, why not saveyourself the hassle and have our team do it for you? Just add installation to your package when you buy yourshed, and we’ll guide you through the rest of the process

How it works

  • Add installation to your purchase by checking the box in the
    ‘customise your options’ section.
  • We send you an email confirmation plus our installation guide and questionnaire.
  • Our guide gives you all the information you need to prepare your site including building a suitable base for your new garden building.
  • Once your base is ready, give Waltons a call to arrange your delivery and installation. We will ask for photo evidence of your base, as well as ample access to the site, just to ensure our team will be able to install your building without a hitch.
  • For delivery, we will send you a message with details of your two hour arrival window with a link to tracking software so you can see where our people are and when they’ll be with you – no need to wait in all day!
  • On installation day, our team will call in the morning with an estimated time of arrival. Once they have arrived, your new building will be installed to our high standards and will clean up afterwards, leaving you to enjoy your new garden building.

How do I add the Waltons installation service?

If your preferred shed or garden building is available with installation as an add-on, you’ll see it clearly stated on the product page. When placing your order, all you need to do is check the box marked ‘Home Installation Service’ or, if you prefer to add both installation and paint to your package, ‘Ready Painted and Home Installation Service’.

Is my site suitable?

To make sure your garden building gives you many years of good service, it’s vital that we have good access to your site, and that the site itself is fit for purpose. To meet our minimum requirements, we need:

  • Direct access to the site – we regret that we can’t undertake an install where access is difficult or indirect, i.e. through a house, garage, or neighbouring property.
  • A level base for the building to sit. To check, place a long piece of timber along the length and breadth of the site and, placing a spirit level on top of it, make sure that the bubble is comfortably within the two lines.
  • A minimum of 60cm (2ft) of space surrounding the site. This is to give our installers room to work safely, and makes sure there’s adequate air circulation around your building. This will give you space for yearly maintenance, ensuring you keep your anti-rot guarantee valid and give your building its full lease of life.
  • A base of suitable construction that’s at least as big as the footprint of the shed and which is square to the corners – check by measuring across the diagonals (they should be the same length).