Patio Heater Accessories

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You’ve invested in your wonderful patio heater- the last thing you’re going to want to happen is for it to get damaged in adverse weather conditions. This range of patio covers can help to protect your beloved heaters so they can keep you warm when you need them to.

If you want an alternative to gas heaters, our electric patio heaters will do a wonderful job, and are a doddle to setup and use. Or if you want to add the crickle crackle of burning wood to your garden, why not try one of our fire pits?

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Windowless Garden Sheds

Many garden shed thefts are opportunist, with the thief just happening to see what's in your building through a window. Our range of windowless sheds offer more secure, out-of-sight storage, as well as extra privacy. They're cheaper than similar sheds because of their simple construction, so offer more security for a better price. A range of styles and sizes ensures you can choose the right windowless shed for your storage needs.

All of our sheds come with full, easy to read installation instructions. If you're not sure which is the best kind of base to use, then consult our 'How to build a shed base' article and free download.

If you would rather leave it to the professionals to build your shed then all you have to do is let us know at the time of order. We will then send out one of our shed experts with your delivery to build it for you. All of our sheds come with a ten-year anti rot guarantee so you can be sure that your new garden shed will live a long and happy life.

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