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Fence Panels Guide

If you're an avid gardener, you're sure to be proud of how your greenery looks. Here at Waltons, we want to ensure that your outdoor area looks the best it possibly can - so we've put together a handy guide to help you decide on which fence panels would suit your borders best. If you want to keep with a country aesthetic, or want a long lasting fencing panel that will stand the test of time, you've come to the right place.

Want to make sure you get the right fence for your garden? Then check out Waltons' Ultimate guide to buying fence panels, and rest assured that you have everything covered. Download the guide and give it a read through.

Pressure treated

Everyone would want to know that their fencing panels are going to stand the test of time, and with these fantastic pressure treated panels, you can be safe in the knowledge that they will.

All of this timber has had high quality preserve vacuumed into it to ensure that nothing will shorten its lifespan. Not only does this process create a long lasting fencing panel, but it also means there's less maintenance for you in the long run. Not to mention the fact that it looks great!


Traditional fence panels are a firm favourite for a reason. A tried and trusted version of fencing, these are sure to last you for many years to come. Available in a variety of heights to suit the amount of privacy you require, traditional fencing will keep your borders looking neat and tidy.


There's nothing wrong with wanting something a little more decorative to catch your eye when you're admiring your garden - so why not take a look at some of our more creative fencing?

Take a look at the decorative fencing that we have to offer - from horizontal weave, to panels with integrated trellis, opt for something that's going to add some pizzazz to your outdoor area.

Full trellis

This is definitely one for the gardeners! What better way to show off your gardening prowess than with some beautiful climbing plants?

Full trellis fencing will allow you to add more character to your borders, or even allow you to add sections to your garden while maintaining a rural aesthetic. If you want a more natural looking garden, this is most certainly the option for you.

Picket fencing

Perhaps when you think of fencing, the traditional picket fence comes to mind. You can easily recreate this look in your garden with our wonderful picket fence panels!

The timber has been dip treated to ensure that not only will it look great, but that it will last you for many years to come. To complete your traditional look, you can paint the fence white to add that extra quaint feel to your front garden.

Feather edge

Ensure your privacy with these wonderful feather edge fencing panels! The timber earns its name from the tapered nature of the wooden pales that are attached to the horizontal supports.

One side of this wood is thicker, tapering to a thinner feather edge. This wonderful fencing will look marvellous in your garden, offering a strong and secure fencing option. Some of our feather edge fencing has also been pressure treated to create a more durable panel.

Hit & miss

Does any fencing you install inevitably get damaged by strong winds or temperamental weather? Then you need to get your hands on some of these wonderful hit and miss fence panels.

These are specifically designed to withstand more volatile weather, using a reinforced board construction. This allows air to pass through the fencing, creating a reduction in wind, which will make sure the fence is left standing proud.

Lap fence panels

Our lap fence panels are one of the more popular choices here at Waltons, and rightfully so. These panels will do a fantastic job of protecting your garden borders, and all at an affordable price, too.

All of these panels are a cost effective option to maximise the safety of your outdoor area, and will also look great to boot!

Horizontal weave

If you want a fencing panel that creates a lovely aesthetic in your garden, then look no further than our range of horizontal weave panels. All of our timber used for these panels is ethically sourced and pressure treated to ensure that they last as long as possible.

In fact, we're so confident that our horizontal weave fencing will look fabulous for many years to come, that it comes with a 15 year anti rot guarantee to give you added peace of mind. This fencing will especially suit those who wanted a more decorative option.

Au naturel

Prefer a more natural looking border? Then our hazel or willow hurdle fencing is ideal for you! All of these hurdle fencing options are ethically sourced, and will help to create a more rural look for your garden.

Both the willow and the hazel hurdle fencing panels are sturdy enough that you can cut them to fit your garden area, without them becoming unwoven.


The wonderful thing about screening is its adaptable nature. There's no need to tie yourself down to something that you may want to change in a few months or years' time. Brushwood screening can be used to create your perfect garden getaway, by sectioning off parts of your outdoor area to suit you.

To give your garden a more natural look, why not opt for some bark screening? All of these panels can be moved to suit the look you're after. Want a more oriental inspired greenery? Try adding some bamboo screening roll! Or our wonderful willow screening will help to make a more contemporary area.

Fence panel buying guide

Here's a quick overview of what's covered in the our full buying guide. For all the information, download and read it - and if you want even more, just give our friendly sales team a call on 0800 029 1000.


Will you need planning permission? Will your fence serve as a boundary? Does it need to withstand harsh weather? Answering these questions early on is vital.

Design styles

From lap to chevron fencing, there are several design to choose from, each with their own unique features and price points.


Which material best suits your needs? Will natural willow branches suffice, or do you need a strong, pressure-treated timber for your fencing?

Installation and aftercare

Give your new fence panels the correct treatment to ensure you get the most out of them for years to come. We show you how.

Download the fence panel buying guide now, and get all the information you need to choose the best fencing for your needs.

Our experts here at Waltons are on hand to answer any questions and provide advice to help you make the right choice. Call them on 0800 029 1000.

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